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Terrace House Renovation: A Wish List


Terrace home renovationIn collaboration with LED Hut-

We’ve been in our house over 2 years now and we’re still renovating. I know, it’s tragic. Being the homebody that I am, I genuinely thought I’d have every single room painted, carpeted, and decorated to my exact taste by now. The problem is – houses cost money. So much money. And don’t they say when you actually get round to buying one, you should have a rainy day fund saved for when something breaks? We’ve experienced that a few times also. Over the next couple of months, we’re going to go hard on renovating, and LED Hut (take a look at their website here) have challenged me to write about how I’m planning on spending my hard earned cash on my home. Here are just a few items I’m thinking of purchasing to spruce up my minimal, grey abode.

Hinson 2 Piece Sofa Set 
Elvina 3 Piece Nest of Tables
Olga Grey Area Rug
Small Grey on Legs Planter
Home Duno Touch Table Lamp 

We live in a terrace house, which is fairly long in length but small in width. We need to be careful about the furniture we bring in as the style needs to be able to suit any style home if we eventually move. Our lounge is plain white, and with the aim of simplicity, I’ve fallen in love with this gorgeous Hinson sofa set from Wayfair. I put the photo on Twitter to ask fellow users what they think, and the overall consensus was YES! I’ll put a throw over the sofa to liven things up a bit, but I can’t wait to order these as the set is stunning. The nest of tables also from Wayfair would look beautiful next to our sofa, and a perfect plan to place a glass of wine whilst I’m working, of course. The grey rug is a stunning piece that will complement the wooden flooring we plan on laying down which will certainly make the grey planters from M&S stand out too. To finalise the room, the copper touch table lamps from Argos can be placed in two corners of the room to bring in some light.

Terrace-house-fireplaceArt-geometric-fireplace To understand the style of my home a bit more, the fireplace on the left and cupboards above is what we currently have in our front dining room. We’re awaiting the final door panels and then we can get to work on adding furnishings. We wanted to give our house a light and airy but original features vibe, and I really do love the floral tiles on the fire place. At first we were going to demolish the floral tiles but after giving them a good clean, we soon fell in love with them. We would like to buy a fake fire place to bring into the living room, similar to the one on the right from Pinterest. I’m yet to find a decent one that is a good price, so if you know of where I can shop for one, please link me in the comments!

In our front dining room, we’re also looking to add a table/ bench set. There’s something about a quirky table that really fits in the style of our house. We want minimalism with a touch of class. This quad table and bench set from Rigg, Birmingham is not far from us and we’re planning on contacting them for a quote. The grey colours really suit our front room colour scheme, and I’d look to add pops of colour and art on the walls. Similar to this poster and frame from Classic Poster Collector – the piece costs around $27 which is nothing compared to the amount some people spend on art for their house. What do you think of my wish list?

Thanks to Led Hunt for getting in touch for this home decor collaboration. I can’t wait to get started.

Emma Victoria Stokes