Sip Your Selfie: The Canal House, Birmingham Promotes Two New Cocktails With A Twist

With Valentine’s Day coming up, restaurants around the UK are trying to think of unique marketing ploys to make the anticipated ‘day of love’ and their set dining experiences that tiny bit more special. At The Canal House, Birmingham – they have introduced a brand new cocktail concept – The ‘Sip Your Selfie’ Espresso Martini and Selfie Pornstar Martini. The twist? You can now personalise your very own beverage.

Sip Your Selfie – Espresso Martini

It’s not often you get to drink a cocktail with your very own name on it. And considering the amount of messages I received shortly after posting it on social media, it just goes to show how self-obsessed we really are, even when it comes to dining. We were the second group to try the Sip Your Selfie process in Birmingham and it was incredibly easy to do. To order yours, simply ask a member of staff for the ‘sip your selfie’ option. With my phone, I logged onto their WiFi and signed onto a specific app website (they will tell you what it is). I choose a photo from my camera roll and sent them a picture of my blog logo. Within seconds, it was sent to the bar for the server to create my drink. We had an option of trying either the martini or the pornstar. Next thing we knew, drinks had arrived at the table with my Emma Victoria Stokes logo on top.

The martini is described as ‘rice, moorish and smooth. Espresso cold brew with Grey Goose Vodka, Tia Maria and Sugar Syrup. This beauty will set you back £7.95 Ask for more info from a member of staff if interested.

Personally, I think it’s highly gimmicky, but a great concept. It just works and makes drinking cocktails more fun. You can choose any picture or image you like, whether it be a selfie, a picture with a friend, a photo of your dog, a company logo, or anything else you fancy. Intricate artwork maybe a little bit more difficult, evident from my own blog logo. I suggest not posting as rude imagery as I don’t think the bar staff will appreciate it. I’m curious to know how many people will create their very own personalised LOVE message this Valentine’s Day… no doubt it’s a perfect way to ‘espresso’ yourself to your loved ones.

Off The Menu: Hanging Kebabs

After sipping our cocktails; which were very smooth and rich in flavour as promised, we were given the opportunity to try anything we wanted from the menu. I’ve visited Canal House a few times, but never actually eaten here. I was told the hanging kebab was a great choice, so I opted for the Salt & Pepper Pork with Sweet Chilli and Garlic Butter. You can choose between normal chips, sweet potato fries or truffle. I wanted something to bring out the flavour of the cocktail, so naturally I went for the truffle. Not only are they visually impressive but also come with melted garlic butter poured in front of you at the table. The hanging kebab costs £12.95. The portions aren’t huge but they are filling and provide tender meat options. My plus +1 also had a hanging kebab and sampled the cod & prawn version. They were light, fun to eat and a great Friday night treat. We didn’t feel bloated afterwards which is always a good sign.

The Last Rolo Dessert

Before heading off, we were asked if we wanted to try the ‘Last Rolo For My Valentine’ dessert. A play on the old Rolo advert that decides who should get the last one – the old flirt that I am, I let my best mate eat it. This dish is only available for a short period of time and can be found on the Valentine’s Set Menu. The smallish sharing platter (more of a bowl) for two consists of vanilla ice cream, chocolate brownie pieces, caramel sauce and a single Rolo. There’s nothing fancy about this dessert, but a lovely sugar filled way to the meal.

Canal House: On The Inside

Before 2017, the building was shut for a large period of time but later surfaced as a brand new establishment. No doubt it has been doing well since opening. The two floored space is located on Bridge Street and is owned by The New World Trading Co, the same folk who run 24 bars across the UK including The Botanist. The space is modelled on a theme of rustic wood, and is vibrant, bright and offers various seating options depending whether you want to drink at the bar or have a meal. The chandeliers are the first thing you will notice when walking into the room, they’re captivating and hard to miss. The staff are always incredibly friendly and accommodating and it was great to see their enthusiasm about the new selfie cocktail. I recommend treating a loved one this unique drink offering, they’re guaranteed to thank you for it later.

Please note, I was invited as a guest with a +1 and all food and drink noted above was complementary. I wasn’t asked to write a blog post but wanted to share my thoughts on the cocktails and evening as a whole.

The Canal House, 12 Bridge Street, Birmingham, B1 2JR

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