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I have this friend. I say friend, but she’s been more like a like part-time feeder to me.
For the past three years, I have known this GORGEOUS, STUNNING AND BLOODY BEAUTIFUL girl named Abi. I was put into halls with her in first year of uni, and we clicked straight away. And thankfully, she got my weird sense of humour and we’ve had so many giggles together since.

I’m doing this blog post in tribute to that girl. I also miss her terribly now we’re no longer living together in Sheffield.

What I haven’t yet mentioned, is that Abi is… well, talented. And by talented, I mean she has a gift from God. She is the most fantastic cake maker I’ve EVER seen – and considering she’s just 21, this girl has the creative mind of a genius. I’ve put together a selection of images that Abi has taken over the past couple of years.

At times, when we were both in the house, and Abi was making cakes (every other day or so) – She would sometimes call me down from my room and ask me to help out. She taught me how to make little flowers out of icing, and sometimes let me help her decorate the cakes. Prepare to have your face blown off, because my baby is soon to start her own cake shop in Sheffield. Click here to see the folder she has on Facebook of all of her cakes. I think her creations should be shown to the world. And that begins now.

















this is my birthday cake that abi did for my 21st birthday!

this is when abi showed me how to make icing flowers!


If you would like to contact Abi regarding her delicious treats, you can contact her on facebook. She also has instagram, so look out for new and upcoming pictures of her cake babies! Also, she is currently looking for names for her new cake shop, so leave your comments below on suggestions on what her cake shop should be called.

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