Brewer’s Social, Harborne

Sadler’s Brewing Co recently announced the launch of Brewer’s Social in Harborne the third venue to open showcasing hearty food and vast drink selections.

Brewer’s Social is a two-level bar and restaurant setting on Harborne high street. With enough room for some booths at the back and casual dining tables at the front, Brewer’s Social is now a permanent fixture; an ideal place for local residents to visit and easy enough to reach from other surrounding parts of the city. Boasting a plethora of Sadler’s award-winning ales and spirits, the venue is open all day and offers a good selection of special edition brews, cocktails, and non-alcoholic drinks. A wide-ranging menu is also available featuring all-day brunch dishes, an evening menu and most importantly, bar snacks and light bites- apt for those wishing to eat salty fried goods after sloshing back a couple pints after work. The evening menu offers the likes of Mud City Baby Back Ribs, Smoked Brisket in Sadler’s Ale Sauce and Truffle Mac and Cheese.Brewers Social Harborne Brewers Social Harborne CoffeeThe guys behind the bar are friendly and are happy to talk through the drinks they have on tap at the time. As designated driver I stuck to soft drinks and I could see a stack of kombucha neatly stacked in the fridge, raspberry lemon is a solid choice. Josh is a fan of ales so he tried a few of the Peaky Blinder’s and session IPAs throughout the night and as always, he thoroughly enjoyed them. It’s really sad that I was invited to a place where I couldn’t drink (yep, still growing that baby!) but we’ve already planned a trip back with some friends for food next week so I’m looking forward to revisiting. For anyone who wishes to shout at me, I did take a tiny sip of the chocolate and vanilla mud stout (with orange) which was an interesting choice. Can’t wait to neck a pint of that come January.Brewers Social HarborneIt was a Thursday night, 6PM when we dined and since it was more of a blogger and press night, tables had been reserved for us. We were the first ones upstairs and were served within minutes. The evening menu (running from 6-9:30pm), all day menu and snack menu can be combined when ordering which is exactly what we did. Vegan options are also available but hope they’ll be rolling out even more as they grow busier. I opted for the kilo of chicken wings (£12.95 – a combo of ginger soy and garlic with plain and crispy) and a side of hangover fries which came to £6.95. Josh ordered the Mud City Ribs (£13.95).Brewers Social HarborneFood came out in large portions, reasonably quick, and piping hot. They don’t skimp on service so definitely order with the assumption of being fed well. The chicken wings were crispy, as described whereas the flavoured wings came with an additional pot on the side. I would have liked to have tasted a stronger flavour of the ginger soy and garlic dipping wings, albeit still tasty. The winning dish were the hangover fries, which everyone on our floor had ordered. We saw many coming out that night.Brewers Social Mud City Ribs Brewers Social Mud City Ribs, Chicken Wings, Hangover friesBrewers Social Mud City Ribs, Chicken Wings, Hangover friesBrewers Social Mud City Ribs, Chicken Wings, Hangover friesWingsWe had a wonderful evening trying out the new menu and will certainly be ordering the hangover fries again. I’d like to see them expand the menu offering a bit further but understand it’s first and foremost a place to shout about the fantastic drink selection, with the menu helping to keep customers inside a while longer. I have high hopes for this place and can certainly see it being a popular bar to visit with friends and family. Find more on the venue and offerings here.

77 High Street, Harborne, Birmingham, B17 9NS

Please note, I was invited to Brewer’s Social with a +1 to try out the new menu offering with drinks. As always, opinions and pictures are my own.

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