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Three Things Happy Project


“A picture of ‘Three Things’ that have made me happy, once a week in 2014”.

Lush box: over the past couple of months, i have become addicted to ordering lush  items, either online or visiting my local branch in Birmingham. It started last year, when I took the plunge and headed into the shop. At first, your nose begins to sting, because the smell of all the aromatherapy products and bath items are a bit.. um… overwhelming I should say. But you soon get used to it as you pile up the products in your basket. Just before christmas, I ordered a small box of items in the sale with my christmas money. The items are as priced below.

Horror books: I’ve ordered six new books, and my aim is to complete at least one each month. I have already completed one of the books: Housemates – By Iain Rob Wright, and it was a pretty quick, but interesting read. Especially if you don’t have time to sit and read large books. One more book is yet to arrive, this being Looking for Alaska written by John Green.

Three candles: I bought these candles from Boots just before Christmas when they were in the sale. Unfortunately, I threw away the packaging so I can’t remember the name of the set. But they cost me £4 in the sale, reduced to half price. I’ve been lighting these candles up and restocking them when it gets dark. They’re beautiful in a dim lit room.

Lush prices:

Rose Jam shower jel – £2.50
Ponche shower jel – £2.50
Cupcake: fresh face mask £.3.95
Fizzbanger bath bomb – £3.25
Shoot for the stars – 3.25*

*Please note, all these prices were in the sale starting December 2013.

Emma Victoria Stokes