Three Things Happy Project


“A picture of ‘Three Things’ that have made me happy once a week in 2014.”

Snuggles with the pooches: I’m going to get slapped for uploading this photo, but truth be told, it’s too cute not to! 
Last Friday, I had a night in (for a change) and got to chill and eat chinese food with Josh. We chilled in front of the fire with a bottle of wine, the pups and a delicious chinese. Elvis went to cuddle up to his uncle Joshy and fell asleep. These kind of Fridays need to happen more, please!

Saturday shindigs: Saturdays are usually known for wine drinking. At least in our group anyway. Usually, the weekend before St Patricks Day – I tend get a bit frustrated. For those of you who know what I mean, it was someones birthday and I wanted to go out and forget about it. A couple of the girls helped me do this and we hit a local pub for a few glasses (bottles) of wine. We watched some funky little Western/Irish band and had a little boogie in our seats. We had a few too many and ended up going to town to a club afterwards. What are we like 😛

If you like it… well yeah, put a ring on it: One of my housemates from Sheffield recently got engaged!!! She is the most gorgeous person you could ever meet. Her name is Abi, and I’ve written a post about her before (she’s the cake maker!). She’s been with her lovely man for a while and he proposed to her on their anniversary in the Peaks. I woke up to the text from Abi and I couldn’t believe it. (I could – my spidey senses were tingling!). I’m so so excited and happy for them both and I can’t wait to watch her walk down the aisle. It’s always been written in the stars for Abi – so this is a true blessing that she has found the person she wants to spend the rest of her life with. I’ve already told her I’m going to embarrass her and dance like Mr Bean at her wedding. ABI, I LOVE YOU AND CONGRATULATIONS. XXXXX

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