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The start of each month feels great as you can wipe the slate clean and start again. I have a lot to look forward to over the coming weeks (mainly more freelance job stuff, birthdays & glamping for the 3rd year running… (you can read all about how amazing and kick-ass glamping really is from my first blog post!). – but right now, I’m starting July with a complete and utter renovation of my bedroom. I’ve decided to de-clutter my personal space (and my life) and throw items out that I no longer need or use. I just seem to be constantly swimming in random crap, so Tidy room tidy mind has never felt more apt!

In all, I’ve been feeling very relaxed since I came back from my trip to Ibiza, (maybe a touch too relaxed) but you can read aaaaall about here if you haven’t already. I feel it’s good to take time away from the busy world and the stress of daily life occasionally, and to just… you know, live! But now I have faceplanted back into reality and I wanted to start writing the occasional ‘Three Things which make me happy’ posts again like I used to. I completely and utterly forgot about them when I started my last job, so I feel it’s time to share with you a couple things I have LOVED over the past week or so…

What if I told you that I read a book recently which I literally couldn’t put down. Not because the cover is super-shiny blood red, but the content is just… mindblowing. I was sent this little publication recently from an amazing writer called Nick Selby who asked 5 lucky readers to help proof-read the very first publication sent to print. I was selected as a reader, and I got to dive head-first into the horrors of a lazy, western town called ‘Oakridge’ – ‘A town brought to its knees by a man with half a face’. It’s the first of many upcoming books in the Satanic Mills Trilogy and it explores the depths of power and revenge in the Wild West. I knew straight away this book was going to be a corker’ as the opening line starts: “Horse shit! Horse. Shit. Ya Heard me”. – There ain’t nothing better than a classic one liner to start off a brilliant short novel! The book genuinely put me on edge all the way through, and the description of what the characters are like and how people are killed – it was haunting! I usually like to savour books and read them over a few days, but despite being just 47 pages long, each paragraph is ignited with such power and intensity, I couldn’t handle not finding out how it ends. Oakridge is extremely violent and has a ton of swear words. Probably why I enjoyed it so much!

If you never read about what he, Amos Kinison, did that day to get justice for what happened to his wife and daughter, then you’re missing out BIG time. Make sure you go and follow Nick on his twitter account and also take a peak at: Nickselbywrites for your chance to be a part of the trilogy!

This is a beautifully blurred picture because I only freakin’ found out my Gameboy and all my games!!!! I clearly couldn’t contain my excitement. My aim is to complete Pokemon Yellow AND Silver again over the Summer and catch a MEW, because I’m clearly a sad, sad person. I’m also super stoked about playing some MRS PACMAN – even though I can’t handle the ghosts chasing me. I know that’s the whole point of the game, but I kinda spazz out and scream every time they get close. It’s not just me, issit? Let me know in the comments below what’s the best Gameboy game you’ve ever played!

And finally, this is my 7am face. I’m happy because I’ve turned blonde again. One of my closest friends is a hairdresser and she comes over occasionally and my momma and I get super excited because we love being pampered. I also put some purple back into my hair, so I’m now two-toned and it looks super-funky- cool.Regardless of having interviews over the next couple of weeks, there’s no shame in having magical hair. If you’ve enjoyed this post, leave some comments in the space below and I want to know what makes YOU happy!

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