New year 2014

Happy New Year. 2014 is here and it was a fantastic feeling coming into it with a drink in hand (for me, I was clutching a Malibu & pineapple juice) and plenty of beautiful friends by my side. We sang, ate, drank, laughed and did karaoke! (My boyfriend also has a tendency to dance and sing at parties while everyone spectates, so it was a great way to start January with everyone pissing themselves laughing.

Over the past few days, I’ve noticed that a lot of people have been setting ‘New Years resolutions’ for themselves. Okay, fair enough. But we all know these expectations will be flying out the window by next week, as most people set themselves unrealistic goals don’t stick to them because they are too overwhelmed or have set their sights too high.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a massive fan of lists and goals and i am forever posting quotes, but I think keeping all resolutions are incredibly hard and unreliable. And so, this year, instead of creating a mammoth list of things I can’t or won’t accomplish, I’ve set myself 3 ‘tasks’ to complete before the year is out. This task list is for me, and personally, They’re just little personal things I want to do this year.
1). To read one book a month. I have already ordered 6 brand new horror books to complete. One each month. I love to read so this isn’t even a task, but it feel reading a book each month will help to keep my little squishy brain active while hunting for a brand new job.
2.) Keep a wish jar. Every good thing which happens to me will be written on a piece of paper, scrunched up, then put into a wish jar. At the end of 2014, I will look back and see how many good things have happened to me this year.
3.) I’m going to be doing one blog post each week, writing about 3 things that have made me happy during that week. I have a tendency to forget how lucky and blessed I am to have the life I live, so I’m hoping to inspire other people to write about things that also make them happy.
Enjoy the rest of your new year, and make sure you eat at much food as possible. Everyone knows that diets actually begin on January 6th 🙂 below are just a few photos of my New Year so far.



Josh thought it was funny to pose with a scotch egg on our first New Years picture. He’s not funny so don’t  encourage him.


 Here he is again, putting a plant on top Pats head while he slept.


We also got to watch different Birmingham fireworks explode all over the city from the apartment view. It was an Absolutely amazing atmosphere and we were so close to town, so we saw an array of different colours and celebrations. We also saw one man lighting fireworks in his hand and holding them while they went off. No safety procedures for 2014, clearly. I hope your night was as eventful as mine.

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