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New HouseI can’t believe this is actually happening but we’ve had an offer accepted on a house. In the space of a year, I’ve moved out of my family home, moved in with my boyfriend after nine years, got myself a new job and now… a real house. Being an adult is scary business and it means I (sometimes) have to make sensible choices… what’s all that about? Jumping on the property ladder is something we’ve been wanting to do for a long time but never had the opportunity. Being a home owner at 25 is a personal achievement and I feel its a huge turning point in my life. I’m excited for the next adventure of decorating and buying home decor… and maybe even purchase that roll top bath I’ve been longing for.

Stove top coffee espresso makerA couple weeks back, my boyfriend ran the Birmingham 10k marathon. As a ‘well done’ gift I bought him a stove top espresso maker with fresh coffee beans and two little Le creuset espresso cups from John Lewis. Suitable for gas and electric hobs, it can make up to 6 cups and I think he really likes it. It looks incredible on our white dining table surrounded by warm croissants, top girlfriend points to me!

28 Days LaterIf you follow me on social media you’ll have noticed me screaming about a recent zombie event in London. Secret Cinema is running a 28 Days Later live horror experience. The event runs for 5 hours, and as well as a themed screening of the film, we were taken into a fictional world inside an abandoned warehouse with zombies, epic sets and interactive experiences. We dressed up in hospital attire to protect ourselves from the RAGE virus and OBVIOUSLY my boyfriend got picked on during a live scenario. The (actor) doctor asked why Josh had a bandage on his arm – was he infected? to which Josh replies “No, my girlfriend bit me”.  The doctor laughed “You lucky bastard” which made him come out of character, naughty! We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside which was a bonus as it meant everyone was 100% involved.

Emma Victoria Stokes Bach Essences

Thankfully to my wonderful PR friend, I was kindly sent these Bach Original Flower Remedies to try. There’s a system of 38 different flowers designed to help restore clarity and composure. Some of the most popular essences are Larch for confidence, Elm for support and White Chestnut for tranquillity. I also asked if they stocked one for patience as I barely seem to have any these days. Two drops into your drink and apparently you start to feel the difference. I’ve been using them at work and I can really tell the difference in my mood. Have you already been or plan on going? It’s definitely an experience you’ll never forget.

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