Three Things Happy Project


“A picture of ‘Three Things’ that have made me happy, once a week in 2014”.

London for gingers birthday snogs: On Saturday, my boyfriend and I went to London to visit one of my best friends on her birthday night out. We went to a pub called The Jam Tree for a couple of cheeky drinks, then we headed off to Embargo59 for the night. It’s a nightclub which is based above an Antique shop in Clapham. It was pretty pricey in there (we ended up paying £400 for 2 bottles of vodka). We kept buying drinks throughout the night so it was a very good night. I also got a 3am kebab too with Josh. This weekend was the best.

Food galore: Food after a night out isn’t usually something I crave. I usually end up feeling sicky or refuse food altogether. But the morning after London, we headed to the cutest little breakfast bar named Bills. I have been there before, last time I visited the south. I ordered the blueberry pancakes with bananas and strawberries, topped with syrup. Mmm, a savour.

Good things do actually come to those who wait: It’s taken me approximately 8 months to find a job I think I can be good at. I’ve been quite persistent with jobs since leaving university because I kinda got it into my head that I didn’t want to be stuck at a dead-end job that i’d absolutely hate. I got the dreaded phone call earlier from the company I went for an interview for yesterday. I’m so pleased and happy to announce I finally have a Marketing job and they seem really keen to take me on. They’re so intrigued with my work experience too so they said I can help to shape the role. It’s brand new, so i’m hoping to put my prints all over it and make it the best experience yet. This also means I can buy actual things like dresses and alcohol. Let the fun begin.

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