Three Things Happy Project


“A picture of ‘Three Things’ that have made me happy once a week in 2014.”

Purple retreat: I’m doing this thing lately where I just clean everything all the time. I don’t know whether its because I’m becoming an adult and craving my own place (this year this year hopefully!) – but I’ve practically turned into a Monica, dusting and polishing and de-cluttering everything. It’s really hard with 4 dogs though because the house gets filthy and messy really quick. My room itself is constantly full of shit and picture frames and feather boas and mirrors and loads of other crap, so I’m slowly spring cleaning it into a beautiful haven. In other words, my OCD is saying hello, everyone.
No Carbs: last week, I did a strict NO CARB DIET. It was bloody hard I tell you, but I managed to do it for 5 days straight. I felt healthy and less bloated, but then I realised that I love food too much to say bye to carbs. I’m now doing portion control and only eating carbs every other day. I’ve used this week to snack on Jammy Dodgers now and again. But keeping in mind my ‘Bikini body for Ibiza’, baby!
Friends and food: Last night was really enjoyable. Josh and I was invited over to my best nerd friend’s house for some food and gaming for the night. Rob cooked for 6 people – a beautiful pork and potato and cheese and bacon and apple sauce and vegetable type meal. I also got to smush Rob & Kerry’s baby girl Sophie, and Felicity (Rob’s sisters baby) for a while. After dessert, we played a Zombie-esque game called ‘Last Night On Earth’ where Josh and I destroyed Rob and his horde of Zombies! EPIC. We always feel so welcome at their house, it’s lovely. More soon, please! 
This week has been fairly minimal. Working, relaxing, seeing friends and now I’m looking forward to Monday when I finally start my new job. Fingers crossed it goes well! 
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