My post this week has been later than usual, as I’ve been flinging myself around most nights this week, being social and eating vast amounts of food (nothing new there then…) So without further ado, whats made me happy this week?

Mothering Sunday: I had a fun couple of days last weekend celebrating both Mothers Day & my Mom’s birthday. I organised a meal which included both mine, and my boyfriends family & we ate lots of food at my family pub and drank lots of wine. It was a very lovely & relaxing day. Here is a picture of my little Pyzer bro & Joshy.

Sushi: I spent a few days this week hanging out with my favourite girls. We don’t get to hang out together often, so we made a conscious effort to go and eat sushi at Woktastic in Birmingham Town Centre and chat about girlie related things. We did an “All you can eat for £14.99 deal” and my god, we ate a fair amount. I’ve eaten sushi again today and going again on Tuesday for my bessies birthday. I’m now a sushi fattie and I LOVE it.

Goat Simulator: Not gonna lie, this is one of the best games that has ever entered my life. I sometimes play on a gaming network called Steam which allows you to play a variety of games online. My best gamer friend and I have been playing this as of late, and I think it’s incredible. You get to run around and attack, lick and slaughter people – as a goat. It’s pretty damn genius and I urge anyone who loves gaming to buy this. You will not regret it.

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