Three Things Happy Project


“A picture of ‘Three Things’ that have made me happy once a week in 2014.

Babies in the making: So……it seems there is going to be another baby in the family. And before you go making assumptions, no the cute little thing isn’t mine. (I’m hoping to keep my womb in tact for the next couple of years at least!). This little critter belongs to my stunning cousin, Kate. Kate is one of 5 girls of the Reynolds family – and those 5 girls all happen to be my older cousins, who I practically grew up with over in the Black Country. (Yes, it’s true. My family are from Dudlooooy – and I’ve picked up a smidge of the Black Country accent along the way. My mom is a full yam yam after all!) These were the cousins who used to tease me and taunt me, because until a couple years back, I was always the baby of the family. I always knew they loved me deep down, but i got taught to toughen up! Kate is one of the five cousins who used to taunt me about going down the ‘big scary slide of doom’ at Mcdonalds. They (including my brother) told me that if i went down the blue slide, i would never come back out again. This practically scarred me for about 7 years of my life. I’ve never forgiven them for that! But as it goes, my little cousin (she’s soon to be 25) is having a wonderful little chubbly baby. I’m predicting a boy! Congratulations Kate. I can’t wait to meet him 😉

Sunday meals with the boyfriend: Last weekend was an absolute mare with my car conking out on me in the worst of places and just had a general pantaloons weekend, so on the Sunday, I was cheered up when the Pyzer family took me out for Sunday lunch. I love group meals so much and it seems we are having them more frequently as we are getting older. I ate a whole Sunday lunch, gulped down a big glass of red wine, and even ate peanut butter fudge cake. Needless to say, I was waddling back to the car after that. Thank you my ginger squish.

Winnie the sock puppet: I’ve started sewing! I know, i’m a 60-year old woman. But recently, I took a time-out to do something creative. I switched my phone off for the day – (no social media, blisssss!) and made a sock puppet. I must admit, my mom did help me out a few bits. She’s a whiz with a sewing needle, and i’m happy that i created this lovely… colourful creation. I’m well chuffed, and i’m going to start turning off my phone more often!

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