Isle of Wight getaway – 5 days of madness

If you saw my recent post, you’ll know I went away to the Isle of Wight with a huge group of friends for a Glamping trip. It’s an annual thing we do as a group and it gets better every year. Unfortunately this time around, I got quite ill on the last couple of days and ended up walking coming home with tonsillitis. However this didn’t stop me whipping my camera out and capturing all the fun. We had a blast doing all the BBQS, playing board/card games, making pizza from scratch, snuggling next to camp fires, collecting fresh eggs from the old chicken trailer, sports days, team building exercises and we even did a spot of archery.

We started off a Lymington Port where we caught the ferry. The adventure started from there…

On the last night, we had a big group meal at a lovely restaurant called The Bucle Tap. We all dug into some delicious meat dishes and I treated myself to the duck & calamari. I’m going to be making a YouTube video of our time away as I also Vlogged the holiday. We stayed at Tom’s Eco Lodge where all details can be found here. Time spent away is always so much fun as everyone can put down their phones and enjoy each others company. I’m hoping this has persuaded more of you to try out glamping, at least once!

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