A Day Trip To Bristol: Pulled Pork and City Docks

I feel embarrassed saying it, but I’ve never been to Bristol before. I took a day off work today and drove down there with my boyfriend from Birmingham. We ate, drank and walked around by the docks. It’s been such a sunny, relaxing day. I can already feel work is going to be super hard tomorrow morning…

I’ve never seen street art quite as creative as this in England before. Every corner you turn, there is some new imagery to be seen. Josh and I both questioned as to how it is actually produced. Do they get really tall ladders? Do they use one of those lift things? It’s a complete and utter mystery to me…

We stopped off at St Nicholas Market on recommendation from a friend. We were not disappointed with our lunch from Street Food vendors – Grillstock. They smoke the pork for 18 hours, leaving it with a dark, rich and smoky taste. We both agreed it was the best pulled pork we have tried in ages. I even chose mine to be accompanied with some gooey Mac ‘N’ Cheese (my new favourite meal I must add). The server said it was delicious and he definitely wasn’t wrong. I’ve heard a lot of good things about their food from a lot of comments today on my instagram, so if you’re ever in Bristol, it’s a must try!

After a lovely walk through the town and a brief stop off to grab coffee, we snacked on sweet treats and took a stroll down to the nearest docks. I spotted a little westie on the walkway and couldn’t resist getting a picture. I wish I could have bought my four westies with me today, they would have loved it.

The air somewhat feels cleaner down South, and I’m so glad the sun came out for us today. I felt like a real little tourist with my backpack and camera, but I’d do this again a heartbeat. We drove up Park Street and saw loads of little cute restaurants and past the Clifton Suspension Bridge.  Where else is good to go in Bristol in case I decide to return in the near future? Please do let me know!…

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  1. I love Bristol as it has this very relaxing and alternative charm. Did you see the Banksy graffiti at Park Street? There are lots of little cafes and vintage shops on Park Street to explore if you've got more time on your next visit. Also down by the quay side is a lovely ice cream truck so it's perfect when the sun is out, you can enjoy a fantastic ice cream and watch people passing by. Oh, and keep August in mind when the air balloon festival is on. Alex and I went one year and had a picnic directly by the suspension bridge. It's such a stunning view from up there and Cliffton in general is a lovely area to explore.

    Caz | Lunch Break Adventures

  2. It was such a relaxing day and such great food. MAC AND CHEESE FOR LIFE.

  3. I really want to go to Bristol! I have some friends that live there, I'll go there someday! It just seems like a really cool city! I love the photos of the graffiti

    Hayley-Eszti | http://www.hayleyeszti.com

  4. The FoodieCoupleBlog says:

    bristol is near the top of my places to visit! glad you had fun 🙂

  5. Did you visit Cabot Circus? I enjoy shopping there!

  6. Oh yay I am so glad you love it down south I adore bristol and that food looks lush, mac n cheese is my favourite meal/side whatever you wanna call it EVER xxx

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