Four Simple Tips to Help You Feel Confident on Your Holiday

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With Summer fast approaching, I’ve started to incorporate some new fitness and lifestyle changes into my daily routine to help me feel more energised. Considering I spent 99.9% of my time at my desk right now, exercise seems to have slipped right out of the door.

From drinking 3 litres of water per day to going on daily walks, I figured now is the perfect time to get myself into shape ready for the upcoming holidays. As a lover of both organisation and pre-planning,  if you are anything like me you will already know where you are going for your holidays. I love to travel, so barely a week goes by where I am not thinking and planning for upcoming trips. I’m also that kind of annoying person who thinks about booking their next holiday, while they’re on holiday. If you haven’t already seen my ‘Top 10 Places to Eat In New York’ – be sure to check it out.

This year we are planning on a trip to Bilbao – a surprise idea from my boyfriend. Being the sensible person that he is, he wanted to waiting until after Brexit to make this happen. I laugh – but it’s definitely the most sensible option. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been thinking about ways in which I can feel happier while on my holiday. To coincide with this idea, Fashion World got in touch and challenged me to think of some ways in which I would want to feel more confident over the summer months.

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Choose the right swimwear

Only last week I was sitting in a hot tub in an open field. It felt like paradise. I know that a lot of us can feel at our most self-conscious when we are wearing a bikini or swimming costume. This is understandable given the fact that so much of our body is on public display. But, there is no longer any need to let these feelings put you off of spending time on the beach or the pool, or like me – the hot tub. For swimwear you can feel confident in you cannot beat shape-wear swimming costumes and bikinis. They offer you that little bit of extra support where you need it. Whether you like one-pieces, tankinis, bikinis or swim dresses it is now possible to buy shaping versions. Each version is designed to offer support in different areas. If you feel self-conscious about your tummy all you need to do is to choose one that has a support panel built into that area. This will smooth things out and pull you in slightly. If you buy a swimming costume that features a little ruching in the stomach area that will help even more. These built-in creases distract the eye which breaks things up and makes any bulges less obvious.

Wear longer tops and t-shirts

If you’re worried you don’t look your best in shorts, leggings or trousers, I personally reach for a skirt or flowing dress instead. There are some wonderful maxi and tea dresses in the shops right now. These are perfect for any sunny destination. Alternatively, you could simply buy some longer tops and t-shirts. This year, that is the style anyway, so you will not only look good and feel confident, you will also be on trend.

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Sort out your makeup before you travel

Wearing the right makeup will also help you to feel confident. I tend to be minimal in what I wear, but if you use a lot of products fitting them all into your case can be impossible. With a little experimentation you can achieve a similar look using fewer products. Whilst in NYC recently, I simply took enough products to fit into my hand luggage. You can always buy shampoo, conditioner and products out there if its an emergency. I found this article contains some great tips to help you to get your holiday make up right.

Provide yourself with plenty of outfit options

Nothing zaps your confidence more than having to wear something that does not fit in with what everyone else is wearing. Fortunately, this is easily avoided. I personally like to about the activities that are available in the area you are travelling to and pack accordingly. That way whether your new friends ask you to go clubbing, cycling or for a meal at a high-end restaurant you will always have something appropriate to wear. Making sure that everything you take with you is colour coordinated and blends together well will provide you with plenty of outfit options.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed my short holiday-related article. If you want to read more about my travel adventures, please click here. When you do you will be taken to the travel section of my website, where you will be able to find even more holiday tips and tricks. This post has been sponsored by Fashion World.

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