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I’ve made a conscious effort to keep busy, see my friends and do things to distract myself from the fact I’m still jobless. (It’s only a matter of time I keep telling myself…) I’ve been making a lot of pancakes lately and I can’t seem to get enough – especially when topped off with sticky Nutella and strawberries. Bliss! I’ve also been re-watching Breaking Bad with my boyfriend. I watched the whole thing from start-to-finish in just 3 weeks last year and I still haven’t come to terms with the ending. White nails and cutesy jewellery is my new obsession all thanks to LVNDR (you can see my last post here!). I currently live for the weekends where I get to go out and play, see gigs and chill with my friends. I’ve also been drinking far too many cocktails and playing cool board games with my closest ones. Time has also been spent chilling with my doggies and ordering pizza & drinking wine. How do you like to kick-back and relax?

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