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I love my bedroom more than anything. When I was 7, my room was built as an extension at the far end of the house, above the garage. From then on, I began to develop my own little space where I could have all my things surrounding me. And if you know me… well, you know what an absolute mess/toybox it can be!

I have seen plenty of blog posts over the past couple of months, which are written by bloggers like myself who are comfortable with revealing the privacy of their bedrooms. I find it interesting to see how other people conduct their rooms and what it says about that person. I have begun to notice that when other people show their personal space, the rooms are usually white, stripped bare, with minimal objects lying around the place. What I actually mean is, other blogger rooms seem to be… well, tidy!

Before I went to university, Josh & I went to Cadbury world one day, and I came home deciding I want my bedroom the same colour as the Cadbury’s sign. With a little help, and with half of my items getting sloshed in paint, I decorated my room a deep purple colour, and i’ve loved it ever since. I love to sleep in dark rooms as I just feel that I can relax more knowing my room is darker when I switch the light off. On the other hand, I am now considering painting my room white again, because clutter is slightly taking over my life.

As you can probably tell by now, I also love dream-catchers. I’ve collected them since I was young and I am also forever buying books. My shelves are bursting with them, but I feel my room has personality because of the stacks upon stacks of literature. My book collection varies from Lauren Conrad, to Fifty Shades (Come on, give me a break!) – to loads of different types of horror/thriller novels. I have my books stacked up at the end of my bed on a high shelf and I am pretty proud of my collection!
I also have numerous mounted picture frames and quotes on my wall, and the collection is the first thing that I see when I wake up. I’ve even stuck a world map and a huge 2014 calender at the bottom of my bed – just so I can educate myself on where the countries are (sad) as well as keeping myself organised and writing down all my social events. (As well as using a diary).

I’d like to say that I like ‘order’…but I think I’m an ‘organised messy person’. I know where everything is in my room, and I like the amount of stuff I have in my room – although sometimes, it can feel a bit overwhelming. When I move into my new place either later this year/early next year, I would like to think of that place as a blank, white canvas where I can start again and be as creative as I like – (By now, I already know that the place will be covered in candles and fairylights and pillows and fluffy things… it’s just who I am!). But for now, this bedroom is my safe haven and it’s where I come to read, relax, write and play games. My bed is the comfiest bed in the entire house/possible the entire world – and my friends always say how much of a good night’s sleep they have when staying over.

I hope you’ve enjoyed a little sneak peak around my room, and i’m always interested in seeing other people’s spaces too! Don’t be scared to link me!

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