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birthday treats

I turned 23 on Friday. Since I was home for my birthday for the first time in three years, I decided to spend it with my best friends, and it was a rather quiet one. And that was perfect.

I woke up Friday morning and opened presents. Lucky for me, Josh had the day off work, so we spent the morning eating pancakes and drinking tea at F&B’s. I found out I’m going to London with the Pyzer’s to watch my little brother’s band play at the Royal Albert Hall, alongside some pretty big bands! We then went birthday shopping and I wanted to spend my birthday money, but I couldn’t see anything I wanted. (Sods law, when you finally have money, you don’t want anything!).

It was a really chilled day, and my phone blew up with birthday messages. It was incredibly sweet. On the night I met up with my girlfriends and we ate a lot of tapas and drank a load of cocktails at a place called Bar Estilo. The bill came to something like £290 pounds. Afterwards, we hit a small bar in the Mailbox called Bar Room Bar for a couple drinks. It was a perfectly chilled day.On the Saturday, I decided to throw a small party at our family pub, The Norton in Coleshill. I started it around 2pm so people could come and eat food and watch football. Lucky for me, the Villa won that day so my boyfriend was in a pretty good mood. My best friends, including some of the teachers from my old school, all came to wish me a happy birthday and gave me more presents. I’m ever so grateful because I received some brilliant ones this year.

On the night, more of my best friends turned up, and got me completely drunk. People started buying me sambuca shots, even after I told them I can’t drink it. The night was pretty much a blurr, and somehow I ended up at a curry house at 2am. I don’t remember getting home.

My weekend was wonderful and I’m thankful to have such amazing friends who are willing to celebrate with me over an entire weekend. Needless to say, I spent Sunday in bed recovering. Below are a few presents which I received from my besties. I’m so excited to wear/play/use/eat them!

















Emma Victoria Stokes