How To Enjoy A Day Off Work

I only work three, sometimes four days a week at the moment. On my days off, I like to use them for myself and do things I don’t usually get to do during the week. I wake up at 6am every morning and walk my dogs with my mama. It’s usually pitch black when we go outside, so afterwards I like to snuggle up on my phone with a cup of tea and check through my emails and browse Pinterest.

I recently bought these lovely fairy lights from Asda and I switch them on while the sun comes up. They can make any room appear that tiny bit more homely. I’m currently obsessed with anything white. When I’m on my own in the house, I turn into a bit of a Monica and spring clean everything. I like tidiness so today for example, I cleaned the kitchen and the lounge top to bottom. I then treated myself to a few purchases from TkMaxx. I’m stocking up on huge fluffy jumpers and cosy trousers for this bitter weather.

When the day is almost through, I chill in front of the television with my four Westie dogs. I put the fire on and they all snooze while I catch up my favourite programmes on Netflix. What do you do if you have a day off?

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