Five things you can’t live without

Emma Victoria Stokes West Highland Terrier Puppy
Someone recently asked me, if I could take just one thing with me on a deserted island, what would I choose. I rattled my tiny brain a little bit and came to the conclusion of a pair of socks. My mom once said to me before I left for a festival, “If you get your feet wet and cold, you’re pretty much screwed!”.
Or something along those lines. So, this idea kind of made me think. What are the things that I would struggle to live without? My five are below. What are yours?

1). My dogs. Anyone who knows me, knows that my dogs, (all four of them) are my world. They’re my babies and i’d do anything to protect them. They make me so angry sometimes, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Emma Victoria Stokes Diary
2). My diary. It has my life inside it. And everyone’s birthdays, dates of events, and I event scribble down those special days I don’t want to forget. Every girl should have one.

Emma Victoria Stokes Books
3). Books. I like to read. Sometimes I go through periods of not reading and I realise what people are missing out on. They can take you to another world and you are able to think about something else for a little while. Such a great form of stress relief. I’ve recently started reading comic novels again. Great fun.

Emma Victoria Stokes Iphone
4). Ok. So this one is pretty obvious. This little critter has been with me through some pretty rough times. Some pretty fantastic ones too. I text way too much and I also like to take pictures (when i’m not carrying my canon camera around with me). Plus, i’d rather not give up my favourite apps: ‘one thing to do today’ and period tracker. Fantastic.

Emma Victoria Stokes Floral Dress
5). My floral clothes. I’m pretty much a floral hippy. Every other dress of mine is floral based, and i think it’s become quite an addiction. I just love pretty flowers and they make me stand out.

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