Sunday snooze

Happy Sunday! It’s ridiculous how fast January is going. It seems to be zooming by, and it only seems like yesterday it was January 1st. I’m happy to say however, that my week has been pretty good and I hope they continue to grow better as the year progresses. I became unemployed again not too long ago and usually when I’m not doing anything, my mood tends to spiral downwards and I find it hard to get out of my rut.

SO. This year, instead of sulking and moaning about life, I’ve decided to focus all my energy into seeing the positives instead of the negatives – hence the ‘Three Things that make me happy’ series which I created 3 weeks ago. I’m also happy as my mother is an absolute angel and has helped me to bag some part time hours at her work. It pays well and the people are friendly, but I’m not going to stick there. Every day, I’m still applying to at least 10 jobs and I just need someone to take me on and see how capable I am. This year, I’m hoping my luck will change.
I started the week off with working my usual hours, then attended a Japanese style night at Cherry Reds in Kings Heath for food. One of my closest friends Lorna said she “saw they were having a food night so she thought of me”. (Charming :-p – but she’s so right!). We ate delicious food and drank Asian beer. It was incredibly filling. Over the course of the week, I attended more interviews, got my hair did (bleach blonde eat your heart out), cooked chorizo pasta bake for the family, booked hotels for some upcoming occasions, became ill and on the plus, I saw friends which I haven’t seen in a long time. I also played with my dogs loads. We bought a new throne bed for Daphne – so now she really does go by her name of ‘Princess Daphne’.
Over the weekend, mama and dad went away, so I had the chance to recover and spend some time doing what I want to do. I took some time in seeing my close friends and their baby girl for some smushy times and general chilled out and drank tea. This year, I’m slowly learning to look after myself more and just do what I want to do without the pressure of committing to 100 plans and feeling shit all the time. It’s starting to feel good and I’m not feeling as worn out.
I woke up this morning and decided I wanted to go for a swim and a sauna with Josh to make myself feel better. I was going to go out with friends and drink this weekend (again), but I decided on a early nights sleep and to give my purse a rest until I get paid tomorrow (woohoo!). What’s better, is that I always get this buzz after I come out of the pool and sauna – I just feel 100% healthier and it’s good to sweat out the stresses of the week. I’ve started a Sunday ritual and I am hoping to start gymming and swimming at least 3 times a week, including Sunday mornings just so I start to feel fitter and healthier again. I’m excited about creating my new bikini body as my best friend and I are booking a holiday abroad very soon. I just need to lay off the kebabs and shortbread for the meantime.



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