90’s Girl Attic Finds

90's Barbie BoxI’m moving house in less than four weeks, so of course this means multiple trips up into the attic to bring down years of memories. As well as finding boxes full of photographs, toys and games, I noticed my bright pink Barbie Box poking out the corner of a plastic tub. I brought it down immediately and just had to peer inside. I completely forgot about Barbie’s miniature home away from her mansion. I used to spend hours playing with this and used to take it away on my holidays to the caravan. Every girl loved Barbie, especially in the 90’s.

90's Barbie Mirror Box90's Barbie Box InsideHow cool is Barbie’s lounge? I loved the pop up fireplace and forgot until now that if you place a battery inside the purple sofa, the lamp on top used to light up. I was always fascinated with this and used to spend hours lining Barbie’s handbags and shoes up on the coffee table just for show. How cool was her yellow TV?

90's Hot Water Bottle CatI used to love coming home from school during the cold winter nights in primary school and jumping into bed with a toasty hot water bottle. This cat used to sleep in my bed every single night. How cute is the bow tie?  I’m a sucker for floral, my mom did good buying me this one christmas. I’m so glad I’ve found it again.

90's Barbie Dolls90's Sleeping BarbieI’ve been waiting for so long to bring my Barbie dolls down, I was completely and utterly obsessed with them. This doll was one of my favourites, if you pour water over her eyes she falls to sleep, and it fascinated me. I’ve always been envious of her luscious blonde locks. As you can tell I played with the hair a lot and this Barbie got more than she bargained for with a full crimp. Can you remember your favourite Barbie doll?

90's Jack TeddyEvery child has teddy bears growing up, but not everyone is fortunate enough to have theirs kept in the attic until they’re old enough to appreciate them. I always loved this little guy, Jack, as he always has his eyes hidden away. I always used to think he was playing hide and seek! I can’t believe how white he has stayed and how cute is his little bow is. (I clearly had an obsession with bows back then too). Unknowingly years later, we’ve also named one of our dogs Jack (also after my Grandad). The name will forever be in our family.

90's Tomb Raider PC90's Spice Girls PlaystationMy brother and I used to play games on the PC and playstation a LOT after school and I always used to pick the Spice Girls to play first. I loved to make them dance and used to tell my friends at school all about it the next day. I think I completed Tomb Raider all the way through once. After school, friends would come over and we’d play games in my computer room, as well as ‘Goosebumps Escape from Horror Land’. I can’t wait to take some of my memories with me to my new place. What do you think of my little 90’s treasures?

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  1. OH MY GOSH, I completely forgot that I had the exact same Barbie fold out house!!! I used to love playing with it when I was young. Love this post, brought back so many 90s memories!! http://www.alifeofacharlotte.com/ xx

    1. emmastokes Author says:

      HOW COOL IS IT. I still play with it now ahahah.

  2. Honeypot Blogs says:

    Haha!!! I loved this post, I discovered my old Barbie and I had put green glitter glue in her hair…stylish!xx


  3. I had SO much fun pulling all my toys down for the loft. I sat crossed legged on the floor for half hour just trawling through my Barbies. Eeeeee! Such a big kid.

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