Bath Time Retreat

BathTimeRetreatAfter a long day at the office, I want nothing more than to jump into the bath tub to relax and unwind. There’s something about water which I love… I like to think I was a mermaid in another life. I’ve been using some products in my ‘down time’ recently that I and would like to share with you. I’m also a big fan of our new bathroom. It’s minimal, spacious and looks like something you’d find in a hotel.

The Nelsons Arnicare range has become the best part of my beauty product routine, and I would certainly invest in more. I have mild eczema so I have to be careful what I put onto my skin. However when I was sent this bath & massage oil to try, I just couldn’t get enough of it (as you can see in the photo, it’s nearly all gone!). The oil helps me to unwind and is full of Evening Primrose and Sweet Almond Oil ingredients, so there’s no nasty surprises! I simply couldn’t have a relaxing bath time without this product, and it’s not overpriced. I’d definitely place it in my top 5 beauty products of all time. This product can be found in any local Boots.

HimalayanCharcoalBodyClayI’ve seen many people fussing over the new Body Shop – Spa Of The World Products that I gave in and treated myself to a tube of the Himalayan Charcoal Body Clay. It’s ideal to wash with a body scrub first, then squeeze a 50p size dab into your palm. Massage the clay onto your arms, legs and body – adding more as you go. I wash my hair while I wait for the clay to dry and although It’s £16 per tube, it will definitely last a while if you use it only once or twice a week. Since adding this to my routine,  my skin feels so soft and supple afterwards. I’m sure that even my boyfriend has tried some on the sly! Have you tried this product yet?

GarnierSkinNaturalMichellarWaterThe Garnier Michellar Cleansing Water is a godsend after a night out with the girls. Even more so when I’m feeling too lazy to remove all my make up.  The water is an easy way get rid of the daily grime without rinsing. I apply the water to a cotton pad, carefully wiping my make up from my face and removing stubborn eye make up. Michellar water also makes your skin feel squeaky clean. A generous 400ml bottle will allow more than 200 uses and I love the clear bottle so you can see how much you have left… Could you ask for more?

LotionsandpotionsI hope you have enjoyed reading about some of my bath time favourites. Are there any products you would highly recommend as a bath time treat? Make sure to leave your comments and thoughts below…

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