Decorating the apartment for Christmas

Christmas Decorations Yankee candleThis year I’m feeling extremely sentimental as I won’t be seeing my family and dogs on Christmas Day. What this does mean is that I can now….more than 12 years later, put presents underneath mine and Josh’s first Christmas tree without my four dogs fighting on them and pulling the tree down. This is something that I’ve definitely taken for granted over the years. I’ve been excited to decorate our lounge in fairy lights and Yankee candles and cook delicious meals and watch Christmas movies throughout December.

Christmas DecorationsChristmas Decorations I’m in love with this little light up townhouse that I was allowed to take away (or steal) from my parents pub. Ever since I was little, my mother used to give me light up houses and ornaments to scare the monsters away. Ever since I love having light up ornaments. Look how cute the snowman is guarding the door!

Christmas DecorationsChristmas DecorationsI was kindly given a free christmas shop from Tiger Stores a few weeks ago and I just had to put these cute little dolls in my basket. I think they cost about £2 each but I think they look so much like me and Josh so I just had to buy them. Emma and Josh, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-… No wait, that’s too much isn’t it?

Christmas DecorationsChristmas DecorationsWhen we moved house, I forgot to bring spare christmas decorations with me to the apartment. I recently went out and bought a christmas tree, fairy lights and millions of baubles. What I didn’t forget was this little polar bear with my name on… I’m all about personalising our christmas tree as much as possible.

Christmas DecorationsChristmas DecorationsInstead of putting candy canes on our tree, I decided to put some brandy chocolates from Tiger into my basket and decorate the tree with these instead. I love the blue and white wrapping and I also couldn’t resist picking up this cute gingerbread post-it note set and Christmas tree shaped gift box. I haven’t decided who I’m going to give it to yet, it’s waay to pretty to give away! These items really brighten up our lounge.

Christmas Decorations 11We’re restricted for space so I’m trying to make the most out of the room we do have. I’m very lucky that Josh just lets me get on with things and do what I want when it comes to buying christmassy things (he doesn’t have a choice really) but I decided to set up our lunch table with a buffet of all our festive items. It makes coming home from work and switching the lights on so much more festive. Hello purple reindeer!

Christmas Decorations 10I swear we’ve had these christmassy gift bags ever since I was born. We kept them in a box in the loft and we brought them down ever year when decorating our tree at home. Even though they look extremely 90’s, I’m also trying to hold onto them for as long as possible (told you I’m extremely sentimental this year). They’re perfect for putting little stocking fillers in for loved ones. What do you think of my little makeover?

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  1. I love this time of year; I’m having the first Christmas since I moved so it’s a different one for me this year too.

    1. I hope you’ve made your house very cosy too!

  2. I really want to try fireside treats it sounds gorgeous, love a good candle! xxx

    1. They smell delicious. So tasty I have to stop myself from eating them.

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