Fives images I’ve taken with my Olympus Pen E-pl7

BrunchAny blogger or keen photographer has heard of the Olympus e-pl7 camera. It’s the new toy that everyone wants and the white ones are like gold dust to find. Naturally, I did a naughty thing and bought one. I made a promise to myself that if I secured a new job in 2016 I would treat myself and it’s quite possibly the best decision I have made, for a while at least. I’ve been experimenting and trialling the camera for a few weeks and have a new way of taking new bright and airy photographs. If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll notice I have an obsession of taking pictures of my delicious brunches. I find natural light (near the window is best) and I turn up the brightness on the camera and sharpen the image. Doesn’t my food look delicious?

Marc Jacobs
I love that the Olympus has its own wifi and share app which means I can send the images straight to my phone without having to download them on my computer first. No fiddly wires or memory cards necessary. How brilliant is that? It comes in handy when on day trips as I can upload them straight to Instagram. I wanted to test out the light and sharpness of the images, so my empty Marc Jacobs Daisy bottle made for the perfect shot. I made the bottle sharp in focus compared to the blurred background simply by sliding up the blur icon on the menu bar, it’s so easy! Again I took this near the natural light, perfect photograph, right?

Bath TimeI’m the Queen of bubble baths so I wanted to test out the lighting in yellow tinted rooms. The light in my apartment isn’t the best so I changed the temperate setting to a cooler blue tone. My Olympus Pen doesn’t have a viewfinder like a normal camera, everything is done on the digital touchscreen. It took a few attempts to get a clear shot and I held the button down half way until it focused before taking the shot. Bath times are dreamy, but this image makes it that tiny bit more special. I crave more nights like these…

Park RegisPark Regis Hotel, Birmingham has officially opened and I felt honoured to go along the day before opening to take some last minute snaps. The toilets apparently have the best view of the whole of Birmingham (loo with a view) and I really admire the purple themed rooms. I had a blast chatting to the general manager as he guided me down the hallways, into the restaurant areas and showed me where guest are invited to sleep. I’m especially drawn to taking pictures which have white backgrounds and combining this with comfy beds – it’s my ideal photograph. I’ve been asked to stay in the hotel for a good night’s sleep and to taste the afternoon tea very soon for review, excited is an understatement. Will you be staying here any time soon?

David SwimwearIn three weeks I’ll be flying abroad to sit on the beach, drink cocktails, read books and bathe in the sunshine. Sounds like complete bliss so imagine my surprise when a beautiful purple bikini shows up in the post for me to try while away. This obviously means I’m going to have to cut down on the delicious brunches and kebabs but I’m sure I’ll make it work! The automatic focus and white balance on the camera makes it easy to take close up pictures and makes any colour ‘pop’. I’m excited to have a break away and to take some scenery shots of the beach. Have you got an Olympus Pen camera? What do you think are its best features?

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