A Christmas Wish List: Shopping In A Winter Wonderland

In collaboration with JD Williams-

With Christmas just around the corner, (ahem, less than one month away) I wanted to try my absolute hardest this year to get organised. But needless to say, it hasn’t happened. Between juggling wedding plans for my mom, freelance work piling up, organising the house, seeing friends and reviewing new places opening in the Midlands, it’s fair to say that life has been somewhat of a whirlwind lately. Around this time of year, I like to sit down and reflect upon the last 12 months and find it relaxing to create a wish list of things I truly ‘need’ rather than want. During the summer I also created a Cabin In The Woods inspired list in which I bought the book and socks for a weekend of comfort. With this being said, here is my small winter wish list for Christmas 2018.

Angus Copper Geometric Table Lamp 
Heritage Freestanding Roll Top Bath
Macbook Pro
Regatta Romina Waterproof Jacket


An eclectic mix of items I know, but I’m a woman of simple taste. Since becoming my own boss I’ve realised that I don’t acquire a lot of physical gifts for myself anymore – only those that actually benefit me in some way. In my office I have my own desk, chair and computer set up, so to complement my white and rose gold theme I’d love this Angus Copper Geometric Table Lamp. When I’m working late it’s good to have extra light, especially when the dark nights linger. This geometric stand would be so perfect. Second is this gorgeous Regatta Romina Waterproof Jacket. A lot of time is spent walking to the train, or driving to meetings in the early morning so I really need a coat that is light enough to carry, but also has faux-fur trims thick enough to keep me warm. A great cost solution and a perfect investment piece that is machine washable, what’s not to love?

I’ve also wanted (and needed) a Macbook Pro for as long as I can possibly remember, I’ve just never had the funding to purchase one. They’re really costly I know, but running a digital business means that I work a lot online and on social media, so a fully functioning laptop that doesn’t constantly freeze would be an absolute blessing. Considering my current laptop also weighs the same as a small child (which is a nightmare to carry around) I honestly think owning a Macbook would be a lifesaving purchase, for both my work and my neck! The last item on my list might seem like an odd one, but considering I spend at least 80% of my life in the bath, I’ve dreamed of owning a Roll Top Bath. They cost less than a Macbook at just £500, so perhaps I need to reconsider my budgeting for this exact reason!

Macrame Plant Hanger
Map of Birmingham
Blick Ducon Lounge Chair
Herschel Back Pack

If your saw our kitchen window ledge, you’d see a host of plants, flowers, succulents and other such beautiful greens of nature. There’s something about hanging planters which make any home look nurtured and I’ve been on the hunt for some high quality ones for a while. We tend to shop from independent stores but it’s always good to compare them online. These ones from Amazon – Macrame Plant Hangers – are an absolute steal. In order to redecorate our home, I’ve also been looking for a variety of new prints to stick on the wall. This amazing Map of Birmingham would be a perfect addition to any front room, or personally, I’d love some art work in our bathroom. Nothing like being at one with art when going about your business, am I right?

These last two items are high on my list right now as a mustard chair in our netural lounge would make it complete. We’ve recently bought a grey sofa and footstool, so a pop of colour with this Blick Ducon Lounge Chair would look perfect. Mustard seems to be the ‘in’ colour right now, so I’m hoping it sticks around for years to come as I can see myself buying matching pillows, throws and baskets to make everything match. And finally, I can’t go anywhere without carrying a bag full of items with me. Whether it be my laptop, my camera, my phone, purse, keys, money, and so on, I would really love to buy a Herschel bag that can go over both shoulders to prevent further tension down my back (I told you carrying a heavy laptop is killing me!).

What do you think of my Winter wish list? What would you add to your list? Thanks to JD Williams for getting in touch for this wish list collaboration.

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