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Kukd Review – Food Takeaway Service Online

Emma Victoria Stokes Kukd Takeaway

Emma Victoria Stokes Kukd DeliveryI’m not going to lie, I love takeaway food. If I’m having a rubbish week or feel too lazy to cook, I’ll usually suggest getting a takeaway for ease and convenience. Although we try not to make it too much of a regular thing, trust me. Usually we’ll order from one of the well known food companies, but recently I received an email from a new company called Kukd who asked if I would like to try their take away ordering service.

Emma Victoria Stokes Kukd TakeawayAs well as providing a collection and takeaway service, Kukd offers table booking service at selected restaurants which I think is a great idea. As they reiterate on the site, long gone are the days of hanging on the phone waiting to get through to the restaurant and instead you can book a table at your preferred place. On the night I tried Kukd, we decided to order in, but next time I’ll be trying the booking form. Our food from a local pizza shop came within 45 minutes which was great and I found the look and feel of the website refreshing, simplistic and easy to use. One thing I picked up on was that I couldn’t get rid of the two extra drinks I accidentally clicked on. Maybe just a small bug but something to be aware of for future use.

Emma Victoria Stokes Kukd Feed A Child
The best thing about Kukd is that they offer to feed a hungry child a full meal and drink with EVERY order placed, so you don’t have to feel guilty about stuffing your face anymore. This is a fantastic incentive and I feel more takeaways should take this approach. I love the fact that they have partnered up with a  Bangladesh factory to distribute nutritious food to the children who may not be able to afford it. For every order placed through website and app, regardless of the value, they provide a full meal and a bottle of water to a child in Bangladesh. I’ll definitely be ordering from them again.

Emma-Victoria-Stokes-Kukd-MoneyLastly, I want to mention the collect and spend points they have to offer. If you love the occasional takeaway, you can also reap the rewards with the points loyalty scheme. You can simply redeem these points at your favourite takeaways or restaurants when ordering. 1 point has a monetary value of £0.01 so if you spend enough money, you should be able to claim a free drink or dessert. You may have to spend a fair bit to get a free meal, but every little helps, right? More information about the point system can be found here. Overall, I think this new company definitely has a while to go before competing with the big boys, but I find them wanting to give back to their audience rather than just a way of making money. What do you think of this service, will you be trying it any time soon?

Please note, this post was sponsored by and all opinions are my own. 

Emma Victoria Stokes