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Do you want to know the best thing about being a food blogger? You get to eat some great meals, completely overindulge and not least, enjoy some of the most spectacular food you’ll probably ever eat. The worst thing? Eating so much constantly can make you very, very tired. No one actually believes me when I say restaurant and food reviewing is hard! So as you may have seen from my post on quitting my job to become a full time freelancer, the days now tend to blur into one. Meal planning has been pushed to the back of my mind because ‘I’m at home and I can cook whatever and whenever I want‘. However I’ve decided on a (sort of) fresh start for the next couple of months and want to try and eat a bit cleaner, not stopping reviews completely just less of them. Maybe it came at just the right time as I was recently chatting to my lovely contact at Nelsons PR, and Laura thought it would be great to try some of these liquid iron Spatone supplements to help maintain my energy levels and maybe reduce tiredness. God help me.

Spatone Liquid Iron Capsules Water At the time of writing this, I’ve consumed 3 sachets over 3 days. Now I know what you’re thinking, why is this girl putting bloody supplements on her blog? When you think of iron supplements, you think of these cringe celeb ads forcing unwanted foods down your throat. Not for me, thank you. I just want to share a bit more of an insight into these liquid capsules I’ve been incorporating into my routine. I’m only a few days in (you get a pack of 28 in a box) at a great price of £12 something from Boots. That’s like, two lattes. They’re easy to pop into my bag if I’m going to a client meeting, or if I need to run out in the morning.

Spatone AppleThese ones are apple flavoured, so there’s no disgusting taste in your mouth afterwards. You simply tear them and drink them. I didn’t actually know until reading the packet that the iron rich water used in them comes from Snowdonia, North Wales. They’re absolutely perfect for people who can’t consume gluten and are perfect for pregnant ladies, vegetarians and vegans. And if you have a child over the age of 2, simply give them one to drink which is an easy way of ensuring their daily intake. There’s no disappointment here, guys. As Spatone helps to reduce tiredness, supports a healthy immune system, supports normal cognitive function and is good for the stomach, I’m still not going to feel bad about consuming a kebab or two every now and again.  I really like the colourful packaging too so here’s a few more photos for you to admire.

Spatone Apple Spatone iron liquidSpatone Spatone apple I want to be as transparent on this post and state that it is sponsored, but I wouldn’t post anything on my blog that I’m not willing to try myself. And so far, I’m feeling really positive about them. On the plus side, for many years I’ve been swimming through bags of spinach and half pints of Guinness to try and get my iron intake (is this a myth?) but I’ve been forewarned this food supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. So I can continue eating as normal, thank god. I’m very curious to see how I’m feeling after all 28 of these and see if I notice a big difference. But for now, I’m feeling strong, positive and ready to take on the world one apple sachet at a time.

Ingredients: 100% natural iron rich water, apple concentrate (100% natural source), vitamin C (ascorbic acid), preservative, potassium sorbate. Link to the Spatone Liquid Iron Supplements can be found in Boots. 

Please note: I was sent a pack of Spatone Liquid Iron Supplements to try in return for honest feedback. As ever, all opinions are my own. Because it’s my blog!

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