Quitting My Job To Become A Full-Time Freelancer & Blogger

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‘You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling…’

So, it happened. On January 3 2018, I handed in my notice at my full-time job (with a pretty good salary) to jump into the world of freelancing. I know, what an absolute knob! Nevertheless, I’m now officially a full-time blogger, full-time freelancer and full-time business owner. Shit, things just got real.

To put my new life into perspective, it means I’m never going to know when my next pay cheque will come through. I’m never going to know who I’ll be talking to next via email. I’m going to be living my life on the edge for a while until I find my feet with new clients and work schedules. But do you wanna know something? Do you? It feels PRETTY DAMN GREAT.


Long gone are the days of Sunday night dread and early morning commutes. Trust me, I ain’t gonna miss sitting half asleep next to a man who smells of piss on the train. Instead, I have a dedicated office set up in my spare room with a desk and chair that I recently won off Amazon. I can’t complain as it takes me approximately 10 steps to get to work which is brilliant. But don’t be fooled, I’m not the type of girl that can work in her pjs all day or sit on the sofa looking like Jaja Binks, because I won’t get anything done.

Desktop-Books-PhotographyIt sounds cringe, but at the stroke of midnight on NYE 2017, I suddenly stopped caring. I stopped caring about what people thought of me. I stopped caring what might happen when I handed my notice in. I basically stopped caring about being scared. Mama never raised a quitter! Don’t get me wrong, every job I’ve had until now has prepared me for this next chapter. But over the last couple of years there’s been something niggling away at me, encouraging me to try something I really wanted to do.

So I know what everybody is now thinking. I’ve had countless messages asking and I don’t mind answering it. ‘But what about the mortgage payments?’ True, very true. But what about when I’m a 55-year old thinking: ‘what if I had just pushed myself and had the courage to do it?‘. My thoughts exactly.


So before I actually persuade anyone to jump from their jobs into the unknown, let me make one thing clear. I’m not a huge blogger and I’m not rolling in £50 notes. Hell, half the time I don’t even know what I’m going to be writing about from one week to the next. But what I do already know is that it’s the best decision I’ll ever make. Right now, life is about taking risks and saying yes to things that scare me. My friends, family and boyfriend have been ridiculously supportive of my decisions and I think it’s because I won’t let myself fail. Hey, this girl is grabbing life by the balls, man.

Freelance-iMac-Emma-Victoria-StokesYou better believe me when I tell you this gal ain’t just a pretty face, because believe it or not I’m also going to be growing my own business under the name: Emma Victoria Digital this year too. I will be offering my digital services to other businesses that need support with social media, content creation and photography. I’ll be creating a brand new website with all the deets, but until then, feel free to slide into my DMs if you want to know more. I’m proud to finally be my own boss and I could totally hug myself with pride. It’s felt like a climb, but well done Emma, you made it!

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