A Comedy About A Bank Robbery, Predator Premiers & Bear Grylls Dive


It’s been super busy at Emma Victoria Digital recently where I’ve taken on a whopping 3 new social media clients. I’ve even spoken with two boiler men who have been at the house and ended up providing some of my digital and social media services to them too. It’s a never ending cycle of work nowadays. I think I deserve a glass of wine tonight before going to watch The League of Gentlemen Live Tour in Birmingham. The last few Saturdays have been fairly active and we covered 15,000 step during a recent hike. I’m also excited to tell you about an incredible experience I’m taking part in on Saturday 15th September…

The Comedy About A Bank Robbery has been on my list of things to see for a while. A few years back we headed to London as I suprised Josh with tickets to see The Play That Goes Wrong. I don’t think I’ve ever heard Josh laugh so much. With a similar cast and theatrical style to chuckle away at, I ordered tickets for the bank robbery performance in Birmingham and can safely say that everything from the stage, to the performance and the dialogue is both brilliant and absolutely bonkers. No spoilers here I promise, but the set in one of the scenes borderlines practical illusion. I do believe they’re still touring around the UK but we managed to catch them earlier this month. Definitely worth a watch and the show is a great couple of hours spent laughing at ridiculous things. Get searching for your tickets, people! Mine cost £30 each for great seats.

Another thing that we’ve enjoyed this month is a walk up The Malvern Hills. I’ve visited a few times before but we did a really big route this time and headed to the top of one of the big hills. Once we reached the peak spot, we overlooked the entire Malverns which was a beautiful sight. Not only are these walks a great way to get the blood pumping; but are helping to prepare me for an upcoming walk up Snowdon (which we are doing on 22nd September). No doubt it’s a great way to earn your food as we headed down afterwards and ate a great meal combination of Sunday Roast and lasagne. Can’t say we didn’t earn it!

This week I was invited for a cinema date at the Odeon Birmingham Broadpway Plaza with a plus +1 to the premier 3D day of Predator. I haven’t visited this cinema before so it was a real treat. Westside Bid kindly paid for the cinema tickets, the popcorn, drinks and parking. It was a fantastic way to get to know more about the work they do. The Westside BID (Business Improvement District) is constantly working towards creating a more attractive, better marketed, brighter, safer and cleaner business in Birmingham and I’m hoping to form a great working relationship with them for years to come. I can’t say Predator was amazing and the 3D was shoddy in parts, but I really loved the reclining seats which were so comfortable. Cinema dates have now been taken to a new level.

And finally… On 15th September, I’m beyond happy to be collaborating with the Bear Grylls Adventure Attraction at the NEC, Birmingham to experience a day fit for thrillseekers. The new Merlin attraction cost £20m and we’ll be trying out the ‘Basecamp’ which has been inspired by Bear’s own military experiences. Here we will take on the Survival Maze, Escape Room, Target Archery and an Assault Course. The part I’m looking forward to afterwards is The Dive. We’re going to receive some training from the experts and do an underwater world swim. We’ll be heading down into a simulated shipwreck surrounded by Black Tip Reef Sharks and hundreds of different types of fish, as well as swimming through a giant megalodon jaw. (Cue the Jaws music, please). It’s been my dream since FOREVER to swim with sharks and fish underwater – so this is definitely the first step. Price packages for Basecamp and Dive start from £100. I can’t wait to update you on this next week!

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