Afternoon Bootcamp at Champneys Springs Spa With Tena Lights – #noonetoldme

Emma Victoria Stokes Champneys Springs Spa EntranceThe other day, a girl on my social media feed wrote a status saying something along the lines of: ‘Oh my god I just sneezed and a little bit accidentally came out it was so funny’. Her status had so many likes for your information, no one’s judging here. Truth be told, it happens to so many women you wouldn’t believe and they might not even realise that bladder weakness is a real thing. It’s a taboo subject that can affect women more than we realise and there’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Although this is not something that affects me personally, I was interested to know more about the Lights by Tena campaign at a Champneys Spa blogger event. A group of us were invited to enjoy an afternoon of champagne, stress-busting activities and relaxing treatments – absolute bliss, right? It was a FABULOUS afternoon with the bloggers…

Emma Victoria Stokes Champneys Springs Spa No One Told Me TowelsEmma Victoria Stokes Champneys Springs Spa No One Told Me Towels And BagsEmma Victoria Stokes Champneys Springs Blogger Chat RoomEmma Victoria Stokes Champneys Springs Spa Campaign DemonstrationLights by Tena were there to engage with bloggers on a fantastic new campaign, highlighting the benefits of their feminine products in case those #oopsmoments happen. We sat down with champagne and watched some demonstrations, ate food, and spoke to other lovely bloggers about how having kids and not doing pelvic exercises has affected their bodies. It was really fascinating because obviously this is something I haven’t experienced yet, but it’s interesting to know all the same!

Emma Victoria Stokes Champneys Springs Spa FoodEmma Victoria Stokes Champneys Springs Champagne Tena Lights

Pelvic Floor Exercises

How often do you do them? I wouldn’t think twice about doing it unless I’m doing exercise such as yoga, and even then it’s something I don’t really enjoy. So I listened intently to all the other bloggers who had kids and told the group how common #oopsmoments are. Training your pelvic floor muscles can help to prevent any kind of bladder weakness or possibly help to improve it. I read somewhere that some tend to do it at their desk at work or while they’re on the phone to their friends. They’re so discreet no one would even know! Lights By Tena have a special app which tracks progress, reminding you to do them every day.

Emma Victoria Stokes Champneys-Springs No One Told Me Campaign Bottles.

Lights by tena bootcamp

We slipped into our gym attire and as promised, we were given a workout session. I was pumped after all that champagne I tell you! We were all given a pink #NoOneToldMe gym towel and water bottle to get us motivated and Craig, our instructor pushed us for 45 minutes during a circuits. I haven’t done a workout like that in a while so really felt the burn afterwards. Some of the bloggers are health and fitness girls so it was great to have some motivation close by. I managed to lift 4kg weights throughout the workout, the worst part being lying down and having to stand straight back up again, so knackering and the intense burn was real!

Emma Victoria Stokes Champneys Springs Spa No One Told Me Water BottleEmma Victoria Stokes No One Told Me Bloggers EventEmma Victoria Stokes No One Told Me Blogger EventLights by Tena Yoga Class

Shortly after, we headed outside for a yoga session in the sunshine. I’ve been pestering my boyfriend for ages to take me to the spa, and there I was, outside with a group of wonderful blogger girls doing yoga. I guess dreams do come true! The day just got better and luckily the weather held out for us. We were given pink yoga mats to keep afterwards and everyone was smiling. I felt so relaxed by the time yoga came around feared I wouldn’t be able to stand up. However the calm surroundings and beauty of the garden kept me focused somehow. Craig, the instructor pushed our group to our limits and said we were one of the best he’s ever taught. I’m now loving yoga and want to start up at my local gym, perhaps a few early morning sessions before work to get the blood pumping! (Photo below taken by A Balanced Belly)

Emma Victoria Stokes Champneys Spa Yoga Lights by TenaEmma Victoria Stokes Champneys Springs Spa No One Told Me Yoga RelaxEmma Victoria Stokes Champneys Springs Spa No One Told Me30 minute Champneys Spa back massage

Yoga had me that day. So much so, I dreamt about it whilst getting my back massaged during a 30 minute treatment. My masseuse was a young lady who talked me through the tension in my back and what I can do to help my posture. I guess having a desk job doesn’t have all that many perks, I feel like a pensioner half the time. Before my treatment, she gave me a consultation and we chatted over the purpose of the bloggers event. It’s to tell women not to be ashamed of their #oopsmoments and there’s always advice and feminine products out there to help. Ladies remember, our bodies are constantly changing and you are never alone.

Emma Victoria Stokes Champneys Spa How gorgeous is the entrance to Champneys? I’ve heard so many fantastic things about the place (always highly rated when searching for spas to attend) but I never thought I would have the chance to go there as part of my blog. I loved seeing all the relaxed customers floating around in their gowns and slippers, my favourite part of any spa visit is the fluffy gown, I’m a sucker for them! Thank you so much to Lights By Tena and the amazing team for inviting me along to their #Noonetoldme Champneys Springs bootcamp, being a woman is empowering. Why not book in for a relaxing day at

Please note: This post is not sponsored and I was invited to Champneys Spa with Lights by Tena. 


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  1. Wow that sounds and looks like an incredible afternoon 🙂

    Sophie xx

    1. Sophie it was incredible, and very relaxing. Have you been to Champneys before?

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