Travel Trends For 2022

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In 2021, I had a Private Jet client land in my inbox. They chose me to support with design and copywriting. Understanding the travel sector definitely had its advantages and has meant I’ve had some incredible connections and better understand of how the wealthy get to travel across the globe.

Just before the Christmas break, I had the pleasure of writing an article for my freelance private jet client. It detailed how private travel both understandably and drastically increased over the past year. The aviation world especially is changing at an alarming rate and along with it, so is the demand for private charter. So when I was contacted recently asking if I’d like to write an article on travel in 2022 (something I am hoping I get to do more of this year) I wanted to investigate further into how it varies from traveling-on-a-budget to pushing the boat out (literally!) on spending thousands on a single trip.

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In 2021, the UK added 24 names to its list of billionaires. That brings the total to a record-breaking 171. It is not just billionaires who have seen an increase in their worth. The wealthiest people in the country (top 1%) saw an increase in their fortunes of an average of 10%. Several hundred people in the UK became millionaires in 2021 simply from playing the lottery. (Note: I myself am prone to playing the odd game on Foxy Bingo and Skybet for personal pleasure!) Alas, experts in the travel industry now expect 2022 to be a year for the return of luxury travel. People of this social status will be vacationing once again. However, travel trends will evolve in ways that ensure the health and well-being of travellers are a priority. Let’s look at a few of the trends we can expect.

Superyachts & Safety Bubbles

The need for a safe and secure trip when travelling is overriding the previous fashion of the more economical options that prevailed post Covid-19. The luxury traveler will take extra steps to ensure guests are not exposed to anyone of questionable health. Hosts want complete control over their environment and this almost means protection amid the pandemic. The way to accomplish this is to keep the group as close as possible while providing them with every luxury known to man. This may explain the 8% rise in the sales of Superyachts in the first few months of 2021. 

A new Superyacht can cost up to £600 million, and last year more than 530 of them were ordered globally. Vacationing on one of these luxury ships gives you and your guests the best of everything. A few of the features available can range from anti-drone systems, glass-bottomed pools, bullet-proof glass, underwater lounges, Swarovski crystal interiors, and most importantly – highly-trained crews. When you add gourmet kitchens, plush interiors, state-of-the-art entertainment systems, and breathtaking scenery, you have the perfect vacation getaway.

The Pleasure of Private Jet travel

And this is where my hit of private jet knowledge comes in. It’s true to fact that no one who can afford otherwise is traveling commercial airlines this year. The delays at the airports and various restrictions that are subject to change at any given time are frustrating and leave crowds of people in close quarters for extended periods of time. This is why travel via private jet has been on the incline for the past two years. While the mainstream media loves to blame private jets for destroying the earth, more luxury jet companies invest in greener fuels. Wealthy travellers pump a lot of cash into an area they visit which means more jobs and a healthier economy. Luxury private jets are comfortable, and some come complete with a bedroom. They are perfect for long flights for adults or families looking to go on holiday. One of the most popular luxury private jet companies is The Four Seasons. If you use their services, guests can expect the likes of fine dining, high-quality drinks, onboard doctors, expert travel guides, highly-trained flight attendants and everything else of perfection that comes with it – albeit the hefty price tag.

Photo credit: Asad Photo Maldives

Private Island Resort

It’s been my dream for years to visit the Maldives. I simply won’t stop banging on about it. In 2022, more people will want to take their friends and families on wonderful trips than ever before. Me included. Although sadly it’s not on my agenda, while getting there in their yachts or jets is half the fun, people still want the main event. Those people who can will rent entire islands. They will maintain complete control while experiencing luxury accommodations by the finest companies in the resort industry.  Maybe this is something I could aim for in 2023.

New private island resorts open for 2022

Como Laucala Island

This 5.4 square foot island is located in the South Pacific. It has 25 – freestanding houses. Each house comes with a private pool and a butler. The white sand beaches are breathtakingly beautiful. The resort is Asian-inspired, and the experience is relaxing and regenerating from deep massages to tropical soaps and body oils. Every spa treatment you enjoy is available.

Moskito Island

Richard Branson’s Moskito Island has opened two luxury estates on 125-acres on the unspoiled, natural, British Virgin Islands. Great pains are taken even before your arrival to ensure your every desire is attended to. You will be contacted so the master chef will know your favorite foods, drinks, and any special requirements you may have. Your manager will inquire about the activities you want to experience while on the island. Every detail will be handled during your visit. However, this is your vacation and the staff is flexible and will work according to your timeline.

The Oasis House is 17,500 Square-feet with six bedrooms. Each bedroom has a bathroom and shower inside and out. The rooms have spectacular views of nearby islands. They have a 360-degree view of the Caribbean Sea.  It is expertly designed with the finest home furnishings. 

The Point Estate is 19,500 Square-feet with eight bedrooms. This includes two master bedrooms and one children’s room with 8-bunk beds, meaning this house sleeps 21. The house has a perfect view of the sunset over the Caribbean Sea. 

Virgin Limited Edition – Moskito Island | Luxury private island, BVI | Virgin Limited Edition


In 2022 the wealthy will take control and travel once again. Their method of travel will be part of their vacation experience. They will rest in the knowledge that their friends and family are being pampered and refreshed. They are mentally and physically being restored. After a year like the one we just experienced, that is priceless. 

I want to explore more travel content on my blog this year. To read about my previous trips, click here.

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