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A Glamping Holiday In York 2013

I have so much to share with you. This past weekend has been one of the greatest ever, simply because it was mainly spent outdoors, being active and surrounded by great company and amazing food. There was a group of 15 people,and we left Birmingham around 10am on Friday morning. We drove more than three and a half hours to Devon, where we would be spending our days in beautiful wooden lodges. I spent most of the car journey with my boyfriend and lee white,
listening to the radio, and occasionally, i plugged into my iPod and watched us descend to the coast. We stopped off at a local superstore a few miles away from the camp. The boys loaded up the trolley with alcohol, where as the girls loaded theirs with food and snacks. We managed to spend more than £200 on
alcohol overall. When we arrived at camp, there were three huge wooden cabins,each which could sleep 6 people. Josh and I managed to nab the King bed,
slathered in Egyptian cotton sheets – which is why I can easily say it was the most comfortable bed we’ve ever slept in. It also must be mentioned
there is no electricity in the cabins. Our light was made by gas lanterns and candles, and our showers were made warm by fires to heat the boiler. it was nature at its finest. The first night was spent eating yummy food off a BBQ and drinking cold beverages. We were told by the lady who owns the cabins that we couldn’t have arrived on a better weekend. On the second day, we visited the local Devon beach. Although I slathered myself in sun cream, i still managed to
burn myself, but it didn’t stop us having the time of our lives. A couple of the guys went to watch the rugby before meeting us on the beach later on. The
sand was warm beneath our feet, and the ocean was cool. A perfect mixture for one of the hottest days of the year. Later on, we played cricket on the beach
and ate ice cream. Around 3pm, we went to find food and ended up at a Fish and Chip bar in the little town. Our group sat on the pavement outside eating the
goods and washed it down with cans of pop. On return to the camp, we had our own mini sports day which a couple of the girls organised. We split into two
teams. Some of the activities included bean bag races, sack races, eating competitions (which my boyfriend won), three-legged-races, and so on. There was also a mini lake nearby our camp which we took it in turns to paddle on the small boats that were provided. Josh and I got into one boat, but as soon as we both sat in, the poor boat started to sink. so at one point, I had to sit on the floor of the boat to keep us balanced out. On the night, groups of us played board games – and I played RISK for the first time ever. Later on, a group quiz took place, and the bonus questions were ‘funny’ questions based on people in the group. people were named and shamed, and my boyfriend was made to do impressions of people in the group. i don’t think
we’ve ever laughed so much. Eventually, battle of Beavers vs. Badgers came to an end, and the oposing team, the Badgers, won a hand-made trophy. it was a fantastic day. When Sunday came around, we were all pretty sunburnt but pushed onwards to complete the ULTIMATE TOTAL WIPEOUT – an obstacle course where
everyone was made to wear wetsuits and helmets as it had both climbing and water challenges. it was incredibly tough, and all but two people managed the
course. the first part makes the  contenders jump off a huge platform into cold water, that was the first shock. It then led onto climbing nets, tunnels,
tyres, climbing walls, monkey bars, and finally ending with the challenge of jumping onto two huge balls, where you plummet into water if you don’t complete it. I made sure I got as many pictures as possible, and I even took videos of the boys “timed-lap”. The day in itself was a total blast and so much
fun. Afterwards, we headed out to a local pub, where we ate yummy food and watched Wimbledon history – Andy Murray finally won. The sun was blazing and the alcohol was flowing and i’m sure no one wanted the weekend to end. The final night at camp was spent relaxing with more alcohol, cigarettes and glowing lanterns as the sun went down. Overall, the weekend away went too fast for my liking, but it was worthwhile. i can’t upload all of the pictures on here owing to space, but i hope you enjoy the ones you’re about to see.


Emma Victoria Stokes