out with the old and in with the new

Emma Victoria Stokes Tough Mudder
There have been a few changes in my life over the past week or so. I’m now 23, another year older, and i wanted to make sure I got this new age off to the best possible start. The first thing I did was cut my hair off. I have a best friend who usually comes over to cut our family hair and while she was cutting mine, i made a random decision to have it shorter. And truth be told, I couldn’t be happier. I feel like I needed a change since coming back from university, and this is the first step. My hair gets dyed a lot and tangled so easily, so i figured the shorter the better! The second thing that happened was being left alone with the dogs for a whole week – and my god let me tell you, the amount of dog food they eat is astounding! My mama and pa have gone on a holiday so i’ve been put in charge of the house, the shopping, the cleaning, the dogs AND preparing my boyfriends lunch and dinner. Needless to say, i’ve become quite the housewife over this past week. I usually try to fill my days with things to do as i’ve been searching for a job, so i also made plans to see friends that i haven’t seen in a while. This included a lunch date with my best uni pal, and celebrating my best friends 30th birthday on the weekend. Here are a few pictures from my first week as almost a half-wayer to 50! Oh, I also forgot to mention that my boyfriend did a 12-mile assault course, Tough MUDDER. I’m bloody proud of him.













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