5 Things I Do When I Come Home From Work

It’s 5pm. I’ve had a super long day in the office and all I can think about doing is going home and crawling into bed. It’s only recently that I have learned the art of ‘winding down’ after an exhausting day, as I know this can have a huge impact on how well I sleep during the night. I would definitely say that I’m a person who thrives on routine, so first things first – an afternoon walk with my four little dogs.

Emma Victoria Stokes West Highland Terriers

Coming home from work 

The four Westies need their afternoon walk, regardless of how sluggish I feel after a long drive home. There really is nothing better than opening the door to wagging tails and puppy dog eyes. We take them out in pairs because trying to control four dogs on your own is a lot of work. They love running through the grass and laying in the sunshine and playing with each other (usually the mama biting her babies on the face as playing). They too are a little family within our family and we love them to pieces.

Emma Victoria Stokes Lotions and Potions

Wiping away the daily grime

I get home, I take my make up off and the hair goes straight up. I love nothing more than a pamper night with my ipad playing, so if I’m graced with the presence of a quite house for half hour, running a bubble bath is number one priority. Lighting a candle (even if it is still light outside) and warming up a big fluffy towel is the most satisfying feeling for afterwards. It’s the little things that count, right?

Emma Victoria Stokes Candles and ThisWorks

Decluttering my space 

I like a tidy space in the evenings. This means I don’t have to tire myself more by out doing endless amounts of washing, tidying or chores. A white, minimal room is my haven and I love having my candles and scents around. I’ll usually light some while I catch up on emails or on my blogging. It’s a pure haven.

Emma Victoria Stokes Netflix and West Highland Terriers

Catching up on shows and relaxing

I love cooking in this house so I do it as much as I possibly can. I also love sitting on the sofa with my dogs catching up on the latest Netflix shows. I’m currently obsessed with PLL (waiting for the new season in June) and I’m beyond excited for the new season of Orange is the new black! Putting my feet up, in my slippers with the smell of Moroccan lamb wafting through the house is my favourite. And my dogs usually like to sit on the sofa and watch television with you. I like to think they know what’s going on…

Emma Victoria Stokes Sleep and ThisWorks

Night time oils

As the night draws to a close, I’ll tuck myself up in my crisp white sheets and read a few chapters of a current book that I’m reading. I’m in love with these oils and pillow sprays from thisworks which I received from my best friend as a present.  I usually spray a tiny bit on my pillow before bedtime and I drift off straight away. This is my usual routine after a long hard day, do you do anything similiar?

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  1. Oh my gosh, four dogs? That's adorable! Like you, I also love candles and have amassed far, far too many haha – it'd take me a lifetime to get through them all! Also, I abandoned PLL when it stopped airing on TV, one of these days I'll get around to catching up (especially as somehow I've managed to avoid hearing who 'A' is!!). Hope you're well, Emma! 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

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