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Welcome to my brand new blog design! I’ve had for 8 months, but never got around to making it my own personal, creative space. It has done well considering it was the bog standard ‘blogger’ design, but now I am so pleased with the result and it now feels like my own corner of the internet. Over the past 24 hours, I have been tweaking and perfecting my brand new layout. It’s a fresh, clean page which is easy to navigate around, and I hope you think so too. I will continue to update the site regularly with brand new blog ideas which I am very excited about showing to you.

I would truly like to thank the amazing Catherine Askew for her hard work and dedication with helping me with my new blog header. I am obsessed with camels, cups of tea, bathtubs and so on, so I asked her if she could help design me a header which represents… well, me! Catherine is a freelance illustrator situated in the Midlands, and she is exceptionally talented when it comes to her Art work. You can also check out her page here. She is incredibly friendly and has her own online shop, so I suggest if you have any designs you want for your site, contact her on her page and she will be more than willing to help you out.

Make sure you don’t miss out of any of my upcoming blog posts by adding me on Bloglovin. I’m looking to find new and exciting bloggers to add to my list of reads, so drop me a comment below with your page URL and i’ll be sure to take a look.



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  1. It's a beautiful artwork. Well done to Catherine. xxx

    Caz | Lunch Break Adventures

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