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Three Things Happy Project


“A picture of ‘Three Things’ that have made me happy once a week in 2014.”




Pub grub: A lot has happened since last week, but I started last Friday with going for food with my girlies. Faye, Katie and myself went to The Cock Inn in Wishaw for a couple of glasses of wine and some yummy pub grub. The food we shared was Mediterranean mezze (as pictured above) which included: baba ghanoush, dukkah aubergines, tzatziki, hummus & flat bread, Salt & pepper squid, garlic aïoli, Box baked Camembert, rustic bread, grape & onion jam (which was amazing!), rites & sea salt / garlic aïoli and Katie also had the King prawn cocktail, Chase Bloody Mary sauce & rustic bread. I was really impressed with the food, and it went down even better with a couple glasses of red wine. Beautiful way to start the weekend.

New job starter kit: I bought a brand new bag from New Look for £25 and filled it with an organised stash of work products that I would need. This included my ipad, my 2014 diary, a notepad, green tea and some information on the company itself.
Working from home: I’ve only been at my job for just under a week and I already love it. I got to work from home yesterday as a couple of the marketing girls travelled to Sheffield and there wasn’t enough time for me to get tickets and do products with them. So yesterday, I set up my laptops in the living room, made sure there was enough tea to get through the day, and I worked my little socks off from home (and from the comfort of my own sofa!) Jealous much?
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Emma Victoria Stokes