It’s been a while since I’ve posted a ‘Three Things’ post. I have no excuse other to say that instead, I have decided to post more frequent reviews about places I have been to and events I have taken part in. Last week, I went to the best event EVER called Rib Nights. Click here to find out why it was freakin’ awesome! And so as a lifestyle blogger, I am starting to venture out into the events side of things, and I am being asked to a lot of different events which is currently taking up a most of my week nights. But I LOVE it. Nevertheless, in a true ‘Three Things’ formality; these are the things that have caught my eye this week…

Trippin’ to London: I am currently doing market research for a big company that I work with, and I was told I could go attend a medical event in Kensington Olympia. I caught the train down early Wednesday morning and when I got the event, I was collecting bits of collateral from different companies and talking with the big boys. It was actually quite fun, and I got to sit in a few conferences with a notepad and pen, and scribbled down some notes to relay back to work. I love going to events, and even though this was to do with work – I still found it pretty fun. After the MedTec event, I somehow found myself walking into another room downstairs which was hosting a Museum Event!! I slowly started walking backwards but was told by the manager to come and have a look around. How could I say no?
I had a gander around and spoke to loads of people regarding their companies and exhibitions. I actually grew to like it! And then, out the corner of my eye, I spotted a publishing stand. There was a woman, sitting casually next to HUNDREDS of children’s book. I found myself walking over before I could stop myself and found out the publisher is actually called Usbourne. They publish some really beautiful children’s books and couldn’t help but gaze at all the stories. I have always been into books and it really shows. I then picked up one book called ‘That’s not my panda’ and was hooked. The lovely woman let me have it for free. It was a long day, but a good one. I picked up loads of free pens, and little gifts. It was good to finally get out the house.

Continuing with the book theme, it’s a great chance to tell you why this week has been pretty awesome for me. I am honoured to have had 2 companies send me their books to review before they even hit the shelves. The first is a book named ‘Three(*)’ which is written by a woman named Sarah Lotz. It takes a lot for me to really become involved in a book, but I was hooked from page two. I actually lay on my bed reading the first couple of pages last night, and I had genuinely had goosebumps fly up and down my arms and legs. I won’t give too much away right now, but when I have finished reviewing it, I will be picking one lucky reader to win a copy of the book, along with The Death of a Poet(*) which I was kindly sent from author Quentin Woolf.  In addition I ordered a make up haul from a new company called Make Up Revolution. I have heard other bloggers banging on about the brand for weeks so I decided to splurge on a few bits and bobs. The entire stash cost me £13 – and I am already in love with the eye-liner and eye pallet. If you are a blogger looking for some brilliant cosmetics, click here to find out why your money should go all to them.

Coffee addicts: Last night, I was kindly invited by a group called Yelp Birmingham  to attend an event where reviewers and bloggers like myself can taste different types of infusions, espressos and filter coffees. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but on arrival, I received a big, friendly hug from Vicky who is Yelp Organiser and that put me at ease. 10 reviewers were specially picked to attend the night and luckily I was given a place. A group of 10 of us sat down and mingled inside Faculty Coffee, a place within the Picadilly Arcade in Birmingham. The place is pretty small, but has a cosy atmosphere and the smell of delicious coffee just wafts throughout the store. During the course of the night, I got chatting with other reviewers, who also write amazing reviews on the Yelp site, (go check it out!) and over 2 hours, we learned the background history of how coffee originated and how to spot the best types. We got to try a mixture of different coffee brands which have been sourced from different places around the world. We were all given samples to try and drank espresso together. The night was really fun and I have made some new reviewer friends now, which is a bonus! I’ll be writing a short review on the Yelp site, so sign up and log in to read my review and others like mine!

Overall, the week has been successful and I am ending tonight on a very high note. I will be eating food and I also have a sexy date with Godzilla at the cinema tonight. Have a lovely weekend!

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