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Three Things Happy Project


“A picture of ‘Three Things’ that have made me happy once a week in 2014.”

Hot wheels: Check out the ride, yo. Josh drove away his brand new car on Saturday. His lovely little (but fast) Fiesta Zetec. The Sporty type! It has a spoiler and everything! AND cool seats. I got to go with him to pick it up and I was the first person to sit in the passenger seat. I was teaching Josh how to use the radio panel because one of my friends already has one. The dealer apparently saw me through the window teaching him and said I looked really confident in showing him the car. This made me giggle. I’m really jealous because it has a USB port, and a panel which he can type in mobile numbers and can bluetooth his music through the speakers. I want this car too now. We went for a little drive after we picked it up. Vrooooom!

Why did the Mexican man push his wife off a cliff? Tequila, Tequila!: On the same Saturday, I took Josh out for a sexy little Mexican meal. I treated him because I got my first pay check off my new job, so I wanted to flash the cash a little bit. And what better way than to spend it on food? We went to Chimichanga in Solihull, Touchwood. I had the Steak Fajitas. They were pretty tasty. We also went for a curry later that night. Eating like kings was an understatement for that weekend.

Morning dog walks: I’ve started doing this thing of waking up at 6.50am every day and helping my mom walk the doggies at 7am. Believe it or not, it actually feels good to step outside into the frosty air in a big cosy fleece so early in the morning. The earth is so quiet and so still, and we just get to wonder around the back (we live next to a massive field) before everyone starts to wake up and the world becomes busy once again. I took this picture this morning on my morning walk. The fog was really mystifying. Couldn’t help but snap a few pictures. It reminded me of this weeks episode of The Walking Dead.

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Emma Victoria Stokes