5 Things People Forget To Do

Let’s be honest, we don’t look after ourselves enough. The world can be an exhausting place from juggling family, friends, boyfriends, social lives and work commitments. Many of us tend to forget that taking care of ourselves and doing simple things to make ourselves happier is one of the most important thing we’ll ever do. I wonder how many of the following things slip your mind every single day.

1.) Say I love you

In today’s world, technology is everything. Millions of us are constantly texting, calling or emailing each other. Whether this be a best friend, a colleague, or someone you may not have seen in while. However we automatically assume people ‘know’ that we care for them, but there’s nothing better than waking up to an ‘i’m thinking about you’ text – don’t you agree? . Whether you tell people to their face, or pop them that cute little text – life is short too short not to care. When was the last time you told your parents, boyfriend or friends that they mean the world to you? Just remember: saying it face to face always works best.

2.) Put yourself first

I saw a quote on Pinterest the other day which said, “I need to say ‘no, not today’ without feeling guilty. This stuck with me for a while because I realise learning to say no to obligations is something everyone struggles with at some point. I especially, beat myself up about saying no to things, because I like to think of myself as a people pleaser. Sometimes, you just need to think about what makes you happy and not care about what anyone else thinks. The sooner you realise you can’t please everyone, the happier you will be.

3.) Drink at least 1 litre of water a day

A colleague told me recently that one day she was so rushed off her feet, all she drank that entire day was one cup of coffee. I can’t go a day without drinking at least two litres of water. Some might think it’s OCD, but I think it’s healthy. Keeping replenished and hydrated means your concentration levels and immune system perform to their fullest.

4.) Be happy

Do what you want to do. It’s easier said than done, but if you want to achieve it – it’s very simple. Eat that bar of chocolate you’ve been keeping, run yourself that bubble bath, go out for a coffee or play that boardgame. Do things that make you smile and make you feel your best. The happier you feel, the happier your life will be. No one can make that change but you!

5.) Put the computer / iPhone away 

I’ve been spending time away from the computer recently. Truth is, I’ve been seeing friends, watching TV, reading books and simply enjoying life and doing things with other people. Although I’m a blogger, I realised that I create my best content when I step away from technology for a while.  Being glued to your computer isn’t healthy and it’ll frazzle your brain. What’s wrong with snuggling up in your duvet and reading a good book once in a while ?

How many of these things have you forgot to do lately?

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