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A Little Taste Of Brum: Revolution Birmingham

If someone had said three years ago “Let’s go to Revolution‘ – automatically I’d think of doing upside down shots and listening to loud music and rowdy teenagers on a Friday night. Because that was always my experience of the Sheffield chain. Revolution Birmingham has completely altered my perception after being invited there by Blogger, Birminghamstudentfoodie. I can now say my Brum experience was one of the best blogging meals I’ve had. Shocking really, considering I hardly rated the place before.

Most people don’t like eating from anything other than plates as it’s seen to be ‘too quirky‘ or ‘trying too hard’. This deli crate starter (chicken sliders, crispy goat’s cheese bon bons, smoky homous, garlic flatbread, crispy chorizo, crudites, olives) – was cocooned in a box tray. My first impressions were actually *wow* – what amazing presentation! So many types of food stuffed into one crate could look a bit overwhelming, but hats off to the chef, they pulled off the perfect first course. The cheese bon bon’s were so soft and tangy, I could have eaten a whole tray all to myself… How pretty is this?!

The Crab Shack Mac N Cheese main course looked like something you’d find in a Michelin star restaurant and tasted unbelievable. The tenderness of the crab against the oozing cheese is a great choice to have, especially when you don’t fancy eating a meat-heavy course. The Bourbon Bad Boy with streaky bacon and smoked cheddar was moorish, and I sneakily took a few extra bites! Both the presentation and taste of the food were piping hot and cooked to a really high standard.

I could barely breathe come dessert, but found space to taste the Salted Caramel Chocolate Fondue paired with strawberries, bananas and sweet dough stick – because everyone always has room for pudding. Although I was impressed with the drinks received, (the Captain coconut and Peanut butter martini are so smooth and creamy…) the food went above and beyond my expectations for a typical chain restaurant. You must remember, Revs is still known to pay attention to the liquor needs of students, and isn’t somewhere you’d typically go for a ‘date’ night. However, the staff are perfectly attentive and don’t ask you how your food is when you have your mouth full. I also returned to my old student ways afterwards by winning £40 at the casino next door… damn those super strong cocktails!

Please note, I was invited to Revolution Birmingham to try a starter, main and dessert with cocktails. My opinion is my own and I’m glad I was invited.  Five Ways, Broad Street, Birmingham, B15 1AY. 


Emma Victoria Stokes