Breaking Bad | All stitched up

I’m actually speechless. I received this handmade picture of the two main BREAKING BAD characters (Jesse & Walter) from a super-talented lady who runs her own Etsy shop here. I am the BIGGEST fan of the show, am constantly quoting lines from it – and have watched the entire thing multiple times. I remember staying up all night before the final episode was aired last year just to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I somehow watched the entire show in 3 weeks straight & I’m still so attached to the characters. You too, can also get beautifully stitched images and text in a frame of anything you want (fave tv show, favourite sayings… pictures etc) by clicking any of the links. I chose to get the words ‘Blinded me with science’ as it’s the ringtone of one of the characters in the show. You can follow her on Twitter @stitched_design.

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