The Londoner: a weekend away down South

It’s quite nice to have a best friend that lives in London. It means I can go down and visit any time I want to. I stayed with Becky and her boyfriend this weekend in their brand new home. I’m not a massive fan of the busy, hectic lifestyle down there but this weekend was something else and I had an amazing time. We spent Friday night cooking delicious Katsu Curry and watching Superbad – who knew that cornflakes would make such a delicious chicken batter? (you can find the recipe here!) – and we drank lots of wine. I’m a sucker for a night in with food, good company and films, so this was a perfect way to spend some time with my bessie.

On the Saturday, we took a long stroll through Covent Garden and watched some performers. I thought it was pretty cool as this man had no face. The best part was watching the man on the unicycle who stripped down to a sexy little blue number for the audience. I’ve always wanted to try ride a unicycle!

After a beautiful walk over the bridge to the Festival Pier – we ate at Wahaca (apparently it’s a chain and was created by a Masterchef winner?) and the Mexican food they serve (tacos, burritos and quesadillas) are DELICIOUS. We went for a selection of different foods – the steak and meltedcheesetacos being the absolute bomb – and we washed it down with copious amounts of cocktails. We also did the ‘Tequila Experience‘ where we were given a selection of different tasting shots. Needless to say, we left there with two huge food babies and our stomach’s warm from the liquor.

After walking around for a bit after food, we hit the Borough Market and then had a couple drinks at a local pub opposite the Shard. On the night, Becky & I got dolled up and went out for a few more drinks with her boyfriend to a cosy, local pub. My weekend was so lovely and it’s always good to see my little B. What did you do this weekend?