Picture Perfect Positano -A Trip To The Amalfi Coast

Emma Victoria Stokes PositanoIf you read my last blog post on ‘Exploring Sorrento‘ – you’ll know that not only did I visit Rome a few months back, but my boyfriend and I took a little detour out to the Amalfi Coast and most importantly – Positano. Little day trips out meant that we could see some incredible sights, but return back to our little B&B in Sorrento and not have to spend tonnes of money in a new hotel every night. I must admit, I’ve been stalking the coast’s most photogenic area Positano on Pinterest for as long as I can remember, and it’s been on my bucket list for way too long. So being able to see the place with my own eyes was a pretty incredible experience and I’m so glad we did it, I now have the photos to look back on for years to come.

Emma Victoria Stokes PositanoWe arrived by bus which took around 45 mins from Sorrento. It only cost us around £5 return so this was definitely worth it. The coach ride took us along the coast, up the mountains, and swerved dangerously close to the cliff edge and around more corners than I care to remember. At times, people were hugging the chair in front of them and many women actually turned their heads away in fear. Once we arrived, Josh and I jumped off at the bus stop half way down the cliff. We decided to walk in the downwards direction through the houses, not along the main road and we weren’t actually sure what we would find.

Emma Victoria Stokes Positano RoadEmma Victoria Stokes PositanoEmma Victoria Stokes PositanoEmma Victoria Stokes PositanoPositano isn’t really a town full of things to do, necessarily. There is the main beach of the area, plus another one close by called Fornillo. Similiar to every other tourist destination, there is plenty to eat and drink, and you can also take a trip down the Path of Gods – which is a hike which ends in the centre of Positano. The other thing to do is walk around and take in the stunning scenery and gorgeous winding roads. I recommend sticking around in Positano as long as you possibly can, certainly at least until just after sunset. Although we only had a couple of hours here, I think I could go back for at least 2-3 more days and not get bored.

Emma Victoria Stokes PositanoEmma Victoria Stokes PositanoThe sights in Positano are stunning, there really isn’t really a bad thing you can say about the place. What I love most is that there are people’s houses built into the side of the clifftops which must be a spectacular view to wake up to in the morning. What’s more, I’d recommend not to drive to Positano unless you have a really small car. The parking seemed to be a big issue there as so many tourists were walking around, but there aren’t very many spaces to park cars unless you probably. What do you think of Positano so far?

Emma Victoria Stokes Positano Fruit StallEmma Victoria Stokes PositanoEmma Victoria Stokes PositanoEmma Victoria Stokes PositanoEmma Victoria Stokes PositanoEmma Victoria Stokes PositanoEmma Victoria Stokes PositanoEmma Victoria Stokes PositanoEmma Victoria Stokes PositanoEmma Victoria Stokes PositanoAs we walked down further towards the centre of postiano, you come across a load of gorgeous little boutique shops, restaurants, cafes, food stalls (mostly selling lemons) and I’m now eager to go back and explore more of the place. I feel my pictures will never do this place justice, sadly. When we reached the bottom of Positano, we came across a beach area. We found a gorgeous little restaurant for a pizza, pasta and wine pitstop (when in Italy, it’s only natural). I’m still proud to say that I’ve had a glass of wine and some of the most delicious pasta ever, it’s definitely one to tick off my ‘list of things to do before I die’.

Emma Victoria Stokes Positano Pizza PastaEmma Victoria Stokes Positano LemonsEmma Victoria Stokes PositanoEverywhere you look in Sorrento, Positano, the Amalfi Coast and further, you’ll find lemons. It’s their delicacy over there and the limoncello is rather strong, but delicious to taste. As we walked further back up the clifftop, we came across the place where most iconic photos are taken. Luckily we came across these lemons too, so thought it would be a shame not to include them in the rest of my photos.

Emma Victoria Stokes Positano LemonEmma Victoria Stokes Positano LemonsEmma Victoria Stokes Positano JoshIf you’re ever in Italy, I’d highly recommend Positano, it’s one of the most gorgeous places I’ve ever been to and the views are just stunning. You can also get to and from this part of the island by boat, so make sure to check your nearest location for possible day trips. Have you been to this part of the Amalfi Coast before?

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