In Collaboration with Unahotels: An Invitation To Tuscany, Italy

I am excited to share the news that next month, my blog and I will be jet-setting off to the beautiful region of Tuscany, Italy in collaboration with Unahotels. Tuscany is packed with some of the world’s most recognisable art and architecture (with Pisa just under an hour away). I will be staying in the countryside and will blog about the delicious food I eat, the red wine I drink and my overall experience at my specific destination. I cannot wait to delve into the unknown for a week and to hire a car to drive around the wonderful hilltops. If you have ever visited Tuscany or Pisa before, please let me know of some food places to visit on day trips. I am so ready for this holiday adventure.

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  1. Hi Beth.

    I completely and utterly adore your blog, and follow it
    religiously. The opportunity is actually
    mind-blowing, and even more exciting since I need a holiday! Thank you
    for your lovely words, you total cutie. X

  2. Wow such a good opportunity! I'm so happy for you (and not at all jealous!) Can't wait to read all about it 🙂

    Beth x

  3. No, not yet anyway! I'm sure it will be wonderful though.

  4. Thank you Lisa. Can't quite get my head around it. Have you ever been?

  5. Wow, that sounds fantastic. Have an amazing time!

    Lisa | Not Quite Enough

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