Robert’s Bakery: Fluffy And White For Valentines

If anyone jokingly asks me from now on to ‘Get in the kitchen and make them a sandwich‘ – I’ll quite genuinely, and happily oblige. When Roberts Bakery got in touch with me just before Valentines Day, my heart fluttered. I like carbs… and I mean, a lot! And for some strange reason, I really think they like me too. They kindly sent me a huge red box – like something you’d see on Deal or No Deal, filled with some lovely valentines goodies, sweeties, a heart shaped cutter and some delicious recipe ideas.

The card gave me some ideas as to what I could make as a special ‘Valentines’ treat. It was suggested that I could make some delicious Strawberries and Cream treats – a sweet start to Valentines, but I had something more delicious and much sweeter in mind. And it down right involved the little heart cutter.

Using the bumper pack they provided, I sliced up some of their fluffy, cloud-like white bread and slathered on the chocolate goodness. For an extra treat, I placed some blueberries on the side… y’know , just to be healthy. Pairing this combination with a cup of tea was an award winning idea. As inspiration from Roberts Bakery, I also made heart shaped pancakes later on that weekend. It went down a treat.

I loved making these treats over the weekend and there are so many ways you can create the perfect sandwich. Doing it with Robert’s Bakery is one I’ll most definitely be doing more often. I also can’t wait to start doing heart shaped toast in the mornings – what a great start to the day that will be…

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  1. Anything that involves bread and nutella is going to be a good idea. Just give me all the carbs ever. xx


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