The Ashes, My First Apartment Tour

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Living in a cosy apartment definitely has its perks. I love napping on the sofa when the rain pours outside and I light every candle in the house when cooking at tea time. I now live with a boy which means we have to compromise on a few things, but I’m so lucky to be able to have free reign over the decor. We live on the third floor in a wonderful apartment block in Birmingham. Space is limited, so clutter isn’t welcome here.

Portmeirion gold and whiteSunday Lunch Apartment TourTV CabinetWilkos Pillows Apartment TourCandle Apartment TourFlowers and Cacti House Warming Apartment Tour
Cooking Sunday lunches, snuggling up watching films and watering flowers (we’ve been given several bunches lately) is becoming routine. Our apartment is wooden, with pops of white and grey. I’m obsessed with our matching set of white Royal Worcester crockery which I was lucky to buy half price. Picking up bits and bobs from Wilkos such as these Grey Check Cushions for just £7 each is also ideal as I’ve realised we don’t have to spend obscene money to own pretty home decor. I’m scanning Pinterest nightly for more ideas. What do you think of my my First Apartment Tour? Keep up to date with my posts on Bloglovin.

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  1. Your apartment looks so cosy. You have great style. I don’t like clutter as well♥♥

    1. Hi Summer

      It’s not perfect, but we are getting there slowly. Thanks for your lovely words! x

  2. Your apartment look lovely!
    When we moved into our flat I found it so difficult to plan out a small space, but I think we’ve got it right now! Not to mention having to compromise with a boy can be tricky… x

    1. Boys are a nightmare when it comes to cleaning I find, but we can work around that. I’m glad your home is coming together nicely.

  3. Absolutely love how you’ve used the space so well, even just from the pictures I can tell the place has such a good energy 🙂 well done you! XXXX

    1. Thanks Milly. It’s taken us just under 9 years to finally live together (I know.. I KNOW!) so I’m glad it’s working out for us! x

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