Deliveroo: Birmingham’s Newest Takeaway Delivery Service

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A couple of months ago, I was driving into town late one night when saw a man on a motorbike with what looked like a pizza delivery box on the back. It had the words ‘Deliveroo‘ printed on the side and had a picture of a cute kangaroo sketched underneath. But what if there was actually a baby kangaroo inside? What I didn’t know was that new and upcoming delivery service Deliveroo had actually just hopped, skipped and jumped its way straight into the Birmingham City Centre – and at the most convenient time.


The service goes one step further than any other takeaway company by offering to bring food you would order in your favourite local restaurant (that doesn’t have a delivery option) now straight to your front door.

Since moving to Edgbaston earlier this month, there have been a numerous amount of food places I’ve been itching to try. So when I was offered the chance to try Deliveroo for the first time (with a wonderful £30 limit to order whatever we wanted) – this meant I could order from restaurants like Priya in Moseley without even having to get changed out of my floral pyjamas. At around 6pm on Friday night, I logged on and was given a selection of restaurants to from. One downside was that more than 7 restaurants were still displaying as closed, so my options seemed limited. I am hoping as the service increases in popularity, restaurants opener earlier for delivery! After finally placing my order, I was happy to see that my food was just 32 minutes away.

Priya Curry MoseleyI feel like I blinked and the curry arrived at the door. We don’t even have a buzzer set up in our apartment yet but somehow the delivery man found his way to our floor and knocked on the door. We were very impressed with the quality of the service and I guess they take it literally when they say ‘We deliver straight to your door’.

Priya Curry DeliverooChicken KormaPriya Special BaltiOur food arrived hot, but there was a slight spillage in the bag which meant scooping half of my curry up with a spoon. I think it may have been the way the curry was packaged up from the restaurant. The Priya’s Mixed Non-Veg Platter was only a small portion, but added a little spice to our main meals. My Korma (obviously) was creamy, and combined with the egg fried rice  – it was a perfect Friday night meal. Josh’s Mixed Balti was delicious, and since I rarely order anything but a Korma – I would highly recommend what he ordered. The keema naan was also piping hot, but felt it could have been a little bigger as it was shared between two people. Needless to say, our plates were spotless after finishing our meals…

Yoghurt Dip PapadumOur melt-in-the-mouth papadums came with pots of sauces and salads (which I have washed out and kept as they’re too nice to throw away). The yoghurt dipped looks very green in the picture, but I can promise it wasn’t as luminous in real life. The portions were generous and the curries certainly passed the taste test. I am really grateful that I was given the chance to try out the Deliveroo service, as it will give me the option to try more restaurants that I may not visit on my own accord. I was really impressed with the high quality delivery service, but I’ll have to order again in the next couple of weeks, just to make sure it wasn’t a pure fluke…

Deliveroo has already proved popular in London, Brighton and Manchester and are expanding. They have their own Facebook and Twitter page where you can follow them for discounts and updates.

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  1. This service seems amazing! Love the food pics! They look yummy♥♥♥

    1. Hi Summer. Deliveroo were absolutely wonderful. Really cannot fault the service and they’re usually super quick too. I hope you get to experience them at one point!

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