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    Birmingham Spa Days, Yoga, House Renovations & Car Boot Sales

    It’s felt like a lifetime since I last did one of these posts. The weeks seem to be flying by and before we know it, we’ll all be dropping the ‘C word’. Yeah, Christmas. August has been quite a busy month, both personally and for blogging purposes. I just haven’t really sat down and typed it up, or maybe I’ve become lazy over the summer holidays. Let me fill you in on some of the things I’ve been doing over the last couple of weeks. Last month I visited Three Church Road for a birthday event. It was wonderful and I’ve visited many times before. On the night they gave…

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    Terrace House Renovation: A Wish List

    –In collaboration with LED Hut- We’ve been in our house over 2 years now and we’re still renovating. I know, it’s tragic. Being the homebody that I am, I genuinely thought I’d have every single room painted, carpeted, and decorated to my exact taste by now. The problem is – houses cost money. So much money. And don’t they say when you actually get round to buying one, you should have a rainy day fund saved for when something breaks? We’ve experienced that a few times also. Over the next couple of months, we’re going to go hard on renovating, and LED Hut (take a look at their website here) have challenged me to write…

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    Lane 7 Bowling, Ghetto Golf, Pizza Hut Tasting & Boozy Breakfasts

    I’ll be the first to admit I’ve been really crap at updating on my blog lately and I’ve come to the startling realisation that I just don’t have enough hands/fingers/brain capacity to do everything I need to in a day. And between throwing myself at multiple working projects, social media clients, gaining new clients; in addition to juggling multiple car issues, doing small bits of house renovation AND trying to be a genuinely decent friend/girlfriend/sibling right now, it would be fair to say that life has been pretty FULL ON lately. It was this time 6 months ago when I left my job to jump into the dark abyss of…

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    Cotswold Wedding Photography, Client Deadlines & Summer Fetes In Welton Le Marsh

    Happy end of the weekend, again. It comes around way too quick for my liking. Before we know it, it’ll be… Christmas. There, I said it, soz. But in all serious, I’m really enjoying writing these little updates as it keeps me on track as it gives me a brief chance to breathe, and look back on the chaos of my weeks. This one especially has been pretty brutal. As well as battling the exhaustive heat, I’ve been racing to complete client deadlines, keep on top of invoicing; as well as trying to balance my home life/blog life as well. So without further ado, come and have a brief look…

  • Hotel Du Vin Fruits De Mer

    Hotel Du Vin Summer Menu, Wedding Photography Prep, Cute Dogs & Cadbury World Treats

    Who knew that I’d grow to be kinda good at this ‘post on a certain day’ malarky? It’s only taken me 5 years but who’s counting. This week I wanted to share some more general bits as what I get up to as a freelancer. But don’t worry, there’s tons of food still involved. I keep saying to myself I’ll go on a diet and then I remember it’s part of my job so it becomes quite tricky. HAHA WHAT IS FRUIT AGAIN? But enough about that, come and find out what I’ve been up to this week in the world  of a freelancer/massive food pig. The week genuinely did…